Monday, November 12, 2012

Who Am I?

I’m that girl.

Who was born in a small Nebraskan town

Who went to the school of her dreams to study politics

Who expects a lot from her life (see Bucket list)

Who loves to try new things

Who sometimes lets her nerves overtake her courage

Who is in love with Oreos

Who hates confrontation

Whose graduation party was themed The Lion King

Who used to lie about her weight in order to give blood

Who is afraid to admit she’s homesick sometimes

Who owns a Captain America mask and shield

Who chews her fingernails every time she gets nervous

Who loves her three dogs (Sharpay, Coco, and Squirt)

Who doesn’t golf for medals or to win

Who wants to live everyday like it’s her last

Who procrastinates like it’s her job

Who fast forwards through the sad parts in movies

Who uses her Twitter to creep on celebrities (No judging)

Who laughs like her mom

Who continually worries if she’s on the right track

Who is most comfortable in sweats or her footie pajamas

Who is happy with the body Christ gave me (So no, I don’t count calories)

Who doesn’t like being left behind

Who fangirls over One Direction

Who calls her parents at least once a day

Who, no matter how hard she tries, cannot imitate an accent

Who will freak out over the smallest of things

Who used to collect Pokémon Cards

Who loves to see how Christ works through her life

Who owns two pairs of suspenders but never wears them

Who likes to play Call of Duty with her brother

Who loves to put smiles on peoples’ faces

Who hates throwing things away

Who has split her pants twice in public

Who went to TWO Jonas Brothers’ Concerts

Who hopes to save someone’s life by becoming a Bone Marrow donor

Who prefers tea instead of coffee

Who never wears earrings because they make her ears itch

Who is scared to grow up

Who has never seen The Notebook

Who hates whip cream

Who dreams big, but sets realistic goals

Who doesn’t like to spend $100 on jeans

Who acts like a dork

Who has a map of Washington DC hanging up in her room

Who substitutes cuss words with food

Who loves to sing in Church

Who dances when no one is watching

I’m that girl.

I’m Lizzy J

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