Monday, December 10, 2012

My College Family

          College is a milestone that thousands of students across the world embark on during their later-teens.  During this time we are faced with more homework, tougher teachers, and the dreaded "Freshman 15".  Not only do we have to worry about those things, but we can't expect all of our friends to follow us to college, especially when we (I) go to a private school that will leave us (me) in eternal debt.  So on top of everything else, we have to find new people to call 'friends' or we have to face the wrath of sitting at the dreaded lunch table alone.  So how do we go about doing this?  I've come up with a few easy tips to find your new 'family' while starting the new chapter of your life.

1) Your roommate.  You are going to be living with this person for at least a year: BE FRIENDS!  I've heard too many times that people's college experience was ruined because of their roommate.  Sometimes, I understand that having nothing in common can cause a lot of tension.  My advice would be to attend a "prospective students" event at you future college or university and try to make connections with people who you can hold a conversation with.  I met my roommate at an event like this.  I didn't know much about her, but I could hold a conversation with her, and when she asked me to be her roommate I jumped at the chance.  We are now basically best friends! :)

2) Join a Sports Team or Sorority/Fraternity.  Usually, College and Universities are too large for you to create a small group of friends out of the thousands attending the school.  By joining a Sports Team or Sorority, you are able to get close to a smaller amount of friends and know that they are always there.  I joined the Wesleyan Golf Team as soon as I moved to college, and I know that I can always turn to my team for support in life.  Due to my awful time management skills, I did not join a sorority this year because I felt like it would be too much for me to handle in my freshman year of college.  I did, however, participate in the Recruitment process and I met a lot of friends through that that I still associate with!

3) Get Involved.  By joining clubs and groups on campus you make it possible for you to meet even more people that have the same interests as you!  I've joined College Against Cancer, Student Affairs Senate, and FCA while on campus and I've met a lot of people who have the same passions and interests as I do! It just adds to the family!

4) Get Some Study Partners.  By finding people in your class you can study with, you not only find more people for your college family, but also some awesome note-takers if you miss class for some reason!

5) Become Friends with your Friend's Friends.  Widen the perimeter!  I gained couple really close friends just by hanging out with my roommate!

6) Don't Forget Your Old Friends.  A lot of people believe that once you go to college it's time to clear that Facebook friends' list and start clean.  Yes, there are a lot of people from my grade that I haven't really talked to since I've moved, but it isn't impossible to stay friends with your old best friends.  Two of my best friends are still juniors in High School!  Remember the saying:  "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other's gold."

7) Once You Get Them, DON'T LOSE 'EM!  Once you gain all of these amazing friends, make sure to not to do something that will make them disappear.  Having too many friends is NOT a problem.  Always be there for them, so in case you ever need someone they are more than willing to be there for you!  

I like to believe I have a pretty wide base of friends; however, I am closer to my 'family'.  I know I can always go to these guys for help with everything. I hope I've helped you in your adventure into college life, and hopefully you can find an amazing college family... JUST LIKE MINE :)

LizardC :)

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