Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If I Were to Win the Lottery...

Let's get one thing straight: If I were to EVER get my hands on millions of dollars, I will hire an expert or something.  I would need someone to explain every last detail of 'investment' and all that other crap with me.  This post, however, are the things that will be #1 on my list if it were to ever happen.

#1: Pay for my education

I'm currently attending a school that will leave me in debt for a long time, but I can't imagine myself anywhere else.  If I could miraculously just pay for everything: life would honestly be perfect.  Along with paying for my schooling, I'd like to donate a portion to Nebraska Wesleyan University.  The education I am getting there is priceless, and I want everyone to have the same opportunities I have.

#2: I'd buy a house for my parents and myself.

My mom always talks about buying a house on the beach.  I think it would only be fit if I helped her out a bit.  I'd like to buy a house in London because... well... why not?

#4: Donate to Charity

I don't think that this one should be a surprise!  I'm always talking about doing things to give back and make an impact!  If I can make a change by giving some cash, I'll do it without question.  I'd like to split an amount of money between Trekstock and the Alzheimer's Association.

#4: I'd buy front row seats and VIP passes to meet One Direction

I'm a dedicated fangirl... don't judge.

#5: I'd purchase a prop replica of the Iron Man Mask

Not that I have anything against a plastic one, but let's get real here: 

#6: I'd buy a life-time supply of Oreos

I. Like. Oreos. Period.

#7: I'd continue blogging

This has become something that probably won't ever end, and even if I win a huge amount of money and never have to worry again; I 'll continue being a part of this amazing community.


On a completely different note, I'm not many posts away from my 100th post!  With this 100th post I will also be unveiling my new design!  Here's a little sneak peak: 


  1. Already close to 100!? That's awesome, Lizzy!

  2. I'd do the same thing with the whole buying a house. My dream house is on sale right now and I hate that I can't just buy it.

    1. See, I want to build my house! I don't want to live somewhere anyone else ever has!