Tuesday, August 6, 2013

If I Could Have One Superpower...

I have been super excited for this topic ever since I saw it on the list.  I  LOVE SUPERHEROES!
          Now for the ultimate question: what superpower would I hold?  I think the only way I can truly make a good decision is to over-analyze each power I am considering (in true blogger form).

X-Ray Vision: I don't think I could handle this.  Personally, I'm not a big fan of nudity or un-modesty; I'd hate to see everyone in their birthday suit.

Invisibility:  I don't need this superpower; I'll just ask Harry if I can borrow his Invisibility cloak.  I mean, we're best friends and all.  Isn't that what best friends do?  Share things?

Water Breathing:  Just the thought of sucking water through my windpipe gives me the creeps.  Also, I'm not a huge fan of swimming, so I don't think I'd enjoy this very much.  

Time Travel:  I'm not messing with all that Father Time crap.  With my unluckiness, I'd probably screw-up the entire space-time continuum.  

Telekinesis:  This would be perfect for when I lose my phone.  I could just summon it!

Omnipotence:  This is apparently the power to be supremely almighty and invincible, in every sense and aspect.  I'm already awesome... wouldn't this just be repetitive?

Shape-shifting:  Anyone remember The Incredibles? Well, the mom was a shape-shifter, and personally, her jelly-arms gave me the creeps.

Mind Reading:  I worry about what people think on a daily basis.  Even though this would stop me from questioning it; I might not like what I hear from some people.

Flying:  LIKE PETER PAN!  I would enjoy this!  Think of all the money I would save by just flying all around the country.  I could meet all my bloggy friends!

Talking to Animals:  THIS IS IT!  I think we all remember when I fan-girled over The Wild Thornberrys.  Honestly though, I grew-up thinking that I'd mysteriously just develop this skill one day.  Eliza is my IDOL!  I mean was... I'm not still obsessed with her... Nope...

I've made my decision!  What superpower would you pick?

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