Thursday, November 14, 2013

20 Things I'd Do Instead of Homework

          The moment I thought of this post, I knew I was going to have an issue with two many possibilities.  Seriously though, just look at the title?!  What wouldn't you do instead of homework?  Personally, not a lot of things come to mind, and I can almost guarantee that a lot of other students will agree with me (am I right?).

          Homework, to me, is one of those things that happens only AFTER all other options have been considered.  And when I say ALL options; I mean every little possible chance for ignoring that devil work.

1// Listen to Music: Jammin' out to One Direction or Jessie J sounds a lot more fun than writing an essay.  Spontaneous dance party anyone?!

2// Create a Plan to Change the World: Making an impact on the world is something I'd love to do!  It's never too early (or late) to start planning!

3// Color in a Coloring Book: I have yet to meet a college student who doesn't like a good coloring session.

3// Read: This is a given.  I'd much rather escape to a world where homework doesn't even exist than attempt to study Spanish.

5// Go Shopping: I'm actually not a huge fan of shopping, but if it's between that and my Communication Theory reading?  The answer comes easily.

6// Organize (Clean) Your Room/Desk:  You're technically doing something semi-productive!  Right?

7// Go to Starbucks: Even though I'll have to spend some of the money I don't  have, I'll at least have a yummy drink in my hand!  (Has anyone tried the Gingerbread Latte?  Heavenly!)

8// Rollerblade: Like the cool person I am, I recently bought a pair of rollerblades.  For spring break I plan to cross "Rollerblading in Chicago" off my bucket list.  I first need to learn how to skate without looking like an idiot.

9// Sleep:  Unfortunately, my bed is right next to my desk.  I could seriously stand up on my desk chair and jump into bed. Usually, my self-control isn't strong enough.

10// Eat Vegetables: Not a fan of those healthy things, but I will snack on some carrots if it means I don't have to do any work.

11// Creep on Facebook: Let's be real… creeping is a much better use of my time.

12// Explore YouTube: Whether I'm re-watching The Voice performances or watching funny cat videos, I can easily find a video that's much more interesting than my Spanish homework.

(Speaking of The Voice: Matthew Schuler, ladies and gentlemen)

13// Exercise: Only if I've exhausted all other options… but it's still better than homework.

14// Call my Mom: MOMMY!!!!!! SAVE ME!

15// Play Candy Crush: Best. Game. Ever.

16// Hang-out with the Roommates:  I love hanging-out with those people :)

17// Eat: As soon as I sit down to do homework I get a bad case of the munchies.  Even if I've just eaten a full meal, I'd much rather have an Oreo in my hand instead of a pencil.

18// Try to get someone famous to notice me on Twitter:  Preferably someone like Adam Levine, Hunter Hayes, or any of One Direction, but I'm not especially picky.

19// Purchase Fast Food: Technically this is eating, but there's a difference between eating Oreos in your room and taking the effort to actually go BUY fast food.  There's a lot more work needed.

20// Stare at the Ceiling: I will do it… Don't test me…

What would you do rather than homework?


  1. Chicago?! When are you headed this-a-way?

    Big sister wants to know!

    1. Sometime in March for our spring break trip! I will let you know for sure the dates when I figure it out myself :)

  2. hey there. come join my blog hop and share with your friends. thanks. Have a great weekend.

  3. My roommate and I recently bought princess coloring book! College students just love to color! LOL

    1. It's awesome! And probably the best stress relieving activity ever!

  4. I would rather do anything other than homework!
    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise

    1. O my goodness, same :D I start class this week and I'm dreading the thought of it!
      xx, Lizzy