Tuesday, January 26, 2016

15 things to do while waiting for something REALLY important...

If you're following me on Twitter (which you should be) you could probably tell I'm waiting on something really important.  Let's just say the anxiety is a bit high. I apologize to the people in my life who have had to live with me over the last week; my mind doesn't stray far from those two very important emails.

It's not like I don't have a lot of other things to worry about but I'm not a fan of 'unknowns', as my mom calls them.  Instead of sitting on my email 24/7, however, I've compiled a list of things I can do (and you can do) while waiting for something really, really important.

1) Stress about something else
I'm the type of person who seems to seek out stress, so I might as well point that motivation to something else.  It's not like I don't have anything else to do with my time.  For example: homework, internship, two jobs, blog, research project, financial aid, my resilience to not working out, my non-resilience in eating fast food, job search, my coffee problem, etc. etc.

2) Try Something New
Accordion Lessons?  I've kind of always wanted to 

3) Knit
I really only know how to make scarves and hats, but I'd rather look at quality rather than quantity. How many friends do you have who can knit hats? (realistically you probably know five) Nonetheless, I'll be knitting a lot of hats... So many hats.

4) Write a Novel
This is actually kind of serious.  I'm in a Nick Miller slump...

5) Or you could just binge-watch 'New Girl'... or some other show
'Parks and Recreation' is also on my list to get through this year.

6) Become Pinterest-savvy 
I'm what I like to a call an 'Effort Crafter': It may not turn out perfect (or even look appealing), but the journey is hilarious and memorable.

7) Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop
Has anyone ever actually figured this out?!

8) Improve GIF game
This is the expression I make every time I send a gif that's #OnPoint.

9) Exercise.
Ha... That's a funny joke, Elizabeth.

10) Learn how to cook
I'm 21 freaking years old and I get nervous whenever I make anything more intense than a bowl of noodles and ice.  The goal is to make something new once a week.  I'll be ready for Master Chef in no time.

11) Or just get really good at cooking one thing
You really don't need to master a full menu; I'm going to focus my efforts on perfecting the grilled cheese.

12) Clean out your closet, music library, and clutter boxes
I somehow managed to fit a lot of things into my tiny little room and most of it is just junk I 'think' I'll use someday.  It's time to declutter my life; starting with my white sweater with the French word on the front.  Have I even worn it before?

13) Sleep.
No description necessary.

14) Spend time with friends...
Get out there, shortstop!  It's your last semester with these people; how bad could a social life really be?

15) Or you could just stay inside and spend quality time with your guinea pig...
He'll never pressure you to stay out an extra hour.

In all seriousness; waiting really sucks, especially when it's something you're really passionate about.  Do you have any other recommendations for what I should do while waiting for important emails?

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