Thursday, November 22, 2012

23 Days of Thanks :)

1: I am thankful for my amazing family (Mom, Dad, and Trey).  Your pride and support in me and all I do is something I can't thank you enough for.

2: I am thankful for my amazing roommate: Kassie.  I know I can always go to you for anything and I greatly appreciate that! :)

3: I am thankful for my amazing Government Professor who is willing to take time out of his schedule to help me with my research paper!

4: I am thankful for all of the new friends I have made here on campus!  You all made this transition so much more fun!

5: I am thankful for Sodexo!  Yes, we may call you 'The Rot', but without you I would live off of a diet of Oreos and Ramen Noodles!

6: I am thankful for my cute three dogs back home who are always there to give me a kiss and a snuggle.

7: I am thankful for Nebraska Wesleyan University and the incredible education it is providing to me.

8: I am thankful for my Grandma and Aunt all the way in Virginia!  I miss you guys so much, and love knowing I have someone supporting me from so far away!

9: I am thankful for Sapphire and Abigail.  I love the awesome friendship we can have even though we are an hour away! 

10: I am thankful for the personal counselor on NWU’s campus.  I was going through a lot, and you helped me immensely! 

11: I am thankful for the amazing technology I have been privileged to grow up around.  It can sometimes cause distractions; however, it makes it possible for me to stay in contact with my family.

12: I am thankful for the gentleman who helped me rack the weights while I was working in the weight room.  I don’t know your name, but you were a huge help!

13: I am thankful for the many scars I have gained through my life.  They remind me of my failures, but also my success in moving past them.

14: I am thankful for my laugh!  It’s loud and embarrassing, but I love the fact that I laugh like my mom!

15: I am thankful for my fish, Fred! 

16: I am thankful for Noodles and Company and their BUTTERED NOODLES! Best place ever!

17: I am thankful for the Horizon’s Community Church and their amazing services every Sunday!

18: I am thankful for the calming sound of rain, and its ability to look so dreary but also beautiful.

19: I am thankful for the amazing upbringing I had and my ability to make rational and safe decisions about my lifestyle.

20: I am thankful for my NWU golf team!  It’s so much fun to play with people who love it as much as I do!

21: I am thankful for One Direction and their ability to give Abby, Sapphire, and I a ‘common’ interest!  Also, I am thankful for their ‘silly dance moves’ that caught the eye of these fellow fans at a baseball game!

22: I am thankful for Kelly’s Frozen Yogurt and my frequent yogurt dates with Dinkel! J

23: Finally, I am thankful for Christ, and his willingness to welcome me back even when I walked away.  

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