Saturday, November 10, 2012

50 Things to do Before I Kick the Bucket

I've made a list of 52 things I'd like to do before I'm 'kicking the bucket", "buying the farm", "pushing up daisies" or "Flying up to that beautiful golf course in the sky".

1. Go skydiving (Come one, this is a requirement on ALL bucket lists)
2. Be on the Ellen Show (Seriously one of the funniest, most inspiring women I know (other than my mom))
3. Meet someone famous (Can't be Ellen or One Direction, since they take up a spot of their own)
4. Dance in the Rain until I'm soaked. (and I mean drenched)
5. Graduate from High School and College
6. Meet Barack Obama (I don't care who you voted for, Meeting the President would be legit)
7. Jog a half marathon 
8. Learn to Surf (Learning to surf in Australia would be awesome, but I'm not picky)
9. Swim with Dolphins
10. Go on a Helicopter Ride
11. Fall in Love <3
12. Take a Canopy Tour (High up in the tree tops :))
13. Experience zero gravity (The thought of going to the moon scares me,
14. Have a kiss under the Eiffel Tower
15. Visit the Coliseum and the Parthenon (Rome and Greece)
16. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
17. Golf with One Direction (I think this would be a fun round of golf.  Correction: I 'challenge' 1D to golf)
18. Have a kiss in the rain 
19. Study Abroad in England
20. Change someone's life for the better 
21. Buy a strangers' order 25 times (Always good to put a smile on someone's face.  I've done this twice)
22. Shoot under a 90 in Golf
23. Rollerblade in Chicago
24. Make a Hole in One
25. Play Ice Hockey
26. Ride a horse along a beach
27. Learn to Jump a horse
28. Go Skiing
29. Learn Sign Language
30. Learn to play my favorite song on guitar
31. Go on a cruise
33. Take a ride on the London Eye with my best friend
34. Ride an elephant
35. Pet a lion
36. See the Northern Lights
37. Sit on a Beach the whole day to see sunrise and sunset
38. Visit Los Angeles
39. Visit Barcelona, Spain
40. Have a Food Fight
41. Take a risk
42. Fly kites on a beach with friends
43. Learn to Juggle
44. Make a mistake and Learn form it
45. Stop chewing fingernails (Nasty habit)
46. Face your greatest fear (Whatever it may be at the time)
47. Learn to forgive (Hard thing to do)
48. Gain the courage to share your deepest secret from the past
49. Get a million hits on a Youtube Video
50. Help plan a massive surprise for someone

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