Thursday, November 8, 2012

Finding My Time For God

Schedule on Tuesdays: 
8:00- Wake up
8:30- Breakfast in the cafeteria
9:00- Class
10:00- Class
11:30- Class
12:50- Grab-and-Go Lunch
1:00- Student Government Meeting
2:00- Class
3:30- Check mailbox/pick-up books from library/meetings
4:30- Homework/Study
5:30- Dinner
6:15- Movie/Study with friends
8:00- Spanish Tutor
9:00- Homework/Study
12:00 or later- Sleep

Did you see any time set aside for God?  Nope neither did I.  I’m halfway through my first semester in college and I’ve never felt so separated from Christ in my life.  With sports, academics, friends, and work it’s easy to become ‘overwhelmed’ and let a few things slip.  Sadly, the thing I let slip was Christ.  My Bible started collecting dust on my shelf, and my devotional book stayed closed.  Day-by-day Christ seemed to drift farther and farther away.  Due to work, I was unable to attend my university’s Campus Crusade Group.  Anytime I found a Bible Study that interested me, it turns out they were meeting during hours that I already had plans during and I couldn't make a long-term commitment.  My want to be an outgoing college student was causing me to walk away from God and I didn’t even notice it.  Finally, one Sunday, a resident in my dorm invited me to attend her church.  I graciously accepted the invitation and when to the service.  For the first time since I’d moved in, I felt Christ standing beside me.  I left that church knowing that change was needed.  I’ve now attended Fellowship of Christian Athletes for the last two weeks and love it.  I’ve found an amazing friend to attend church with, and I am starting to feel Christ work his way through my life once again.  While walking across campus I now see Christ in the smiles of my friends as they greet me, I see him in the professors who are striving to help us reach our goals.  God is great.  He watched me turn my back to him and walk away, but he waited patiently for my return.  I can't wait for the rest of my college career to roll out in front of me with Christ by my side.

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