Friday, November 16, 2012

Overcoming Writer's Block

Wow... It has been a while since I've updated!  Want to know the reason?  It's a little thing I'd like to call EDUCATION.  This thing is known to take up the time of students everywhere by forcing them to write 10-page papers and study for HUGE tests, or be labeled as a 'failure'.  I've recently had to face up to this thing called EDUCATION and let me tell you: It Sucks.  Writing 10-page papers is about as fun as it sounds, and I've got three to write by the end of the semester.  Don't get me wrong, I love my classes, but writing 10 pages comparing the governments of Italy and Sweden does not get my blood pumping in the least.  Throughout my 'essay-writing' adventures, I've had to fight with the awful circumstance of writer's block.  I sometimes like to connect writer's block to the wonderful term of PROCRASTINATION.  Sometimes writer's block can come in the form of a complete loss for words, or it can come in the form of a funny cat video on YouTube.  Either way: I get nothing done.  In order to keep my writer's block (or procrastination) at bay, I've came up with a little list of things I can do to stay 'focused'.

1) Log-out of Facebook, and hide the phone.  If my phone is sitting right next to me on the desk, I will continually have the feeling to 'keep my eye on it'.  It would be a shame if I were to miss something "important".  By staying away from Facebook, and throwing my phone on the top shelf of my closet, I'm much more likely to get something done.

2) Have a yummy Capri Sun handy.  These amazing 'sugar blasters' are as good as a can of Red Bull.  They'll keep you up and attentive through even the most boring of papers.

3) Remember to take a break every hour or so!  Call your parents, do a puzzle, watch YouTube videos, or play a round of Halloween bowling!  My favorite thing to do during my break is to hit up YouTube.  Sometimes it's One Direction interviews, but most of the time it's funny cat videos!  I've got two different videos I usually look up.  One that's funny:
And an inspirational one to get me back on track:

4) Turn on some easy-listening music! No, this is not the time to blare One Direction (no matter how much I want to) or Cher Lloyd.  This is the time to embrace your 'sentimental' or 'intimate' side and listen to the lovely sounds of Yiruma.  Just make sure you don't fall asleep ;)

5) Find your 'space'.  My space is in my dorm room at my desk.  If I sit on the futon I get WAY to comfortable and tired.  If I'm in the library I have an inexplicable feeling that I'm being watched.  If I'm in the coffee-shop I'm more likely to find someone I know and strike up a conversation rather than actually doing school work.

If you have any more ideas for me, LET ME KNOW!  I'd hate to be struck with writer's block (or procrastination) halfway through my important paper.  Wait a minute... I think I'm procrastinating now :O

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