Saturday, November 17, 2012

Song of the Week!

I LOVE SONG OF THE WEEK! Sadly, this week I was unable to find just ONE song that I loved.  There are two instead! :)

Oath by Cher Lloyd is an AWESOME 'best friend jam'.  Anytime this song comes on I make a point to either Message or HeyTell my best friend back home.  It's our song!!!!!!!!! 

Little Things by One Direction is adorable.  Ever feeling down or sad, just listen to this cute little love song and you won't be able to stop the smile spreading on your face!  Sometimes a person's insecurities can be what people love most about them!  My greatest insecurity?  Probably my nose and my laugh.  I've never really been a fan of the shape of my nose or the fact that it is covered in freckles.  No, I will never get plastic surgery to change what Christ gave me, but it still bothers me.  My laugh is another insecurity that I attempt to hide at all costs; however, I'm a relatively happy person and like to laugh.  I laugh a lot like my mom, which is awesome, but she has a very LOUD laugh that can turn heads.  I do attempt to hide my laugh, but my mom is awesome and I'd never want to laugh like anyone else.

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