Saturday, December 22, 2012

Distractions for Studying for Finals

Finals week is well under way!  Let the distractions and procrastination begin! Throughout this week, I've identified a few 'interesting' (strange) things that distracted myself or others during their studying.

#1: Packing Peanuts: My roommate ordered glaze for her ceramics class and it was delivered in a box with packing peanuts!  Let's just say I made it SNOW!

#2: Learning Silly Tricks from Youtube: If you've seen the movie Pitch Perfect, you'll recognize the trick that my roommate is trying to learn.  She's spent a lot of time watching video after video, trying to learn this trick.

#3: Sleep: Nothing is more comfy than your own bed during Finals week.  It's almost like it is calling your name!

#4: Snapchat: Honestly, whoever thought of this app wanted people taking ridiculous pictures of themselves in order to embaress themselves in public.  It is also an awful distraction...

#5: Pinterest Projects: This didn't distract me... Nope.. NOT AT ALL....... okay, actually, it did (!  This amazing website doesn't only give you awesome craft ideas, but it also gives you wonderful recipes!  I found a lot of craft ideas that I'll be able to try during my month long winter break! :)

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