Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Things I Miss :)

1.  My Uncle Troy: He was the type of uncle who pulled your ponytail and called you “4-eyes” and “metal mouth”.  I've missed him every day since he passed away.  It's hard not to dwell in the past, but I know he'd be angry with me if I moped around all the time!  I love you, Uncle Troy, and I know you’re watching over me! J

2.  My Grandma and Aunt Robin: I hate not being able to see my two favorite Virginians all the time.  They are always there to support me even though they’re miles away and I love them for that.

3.  Going to the Grocery Store with my Mom: I still go when I’m home, but not being able to go to the grocery store (with my mom) as much as I used to is really upsetting.  It may not seem like much, but it matters a lot to me.

4.  Turtlenecks: These went out of style a while ago.  I used to wear them ALL THE TIME, but they just don’t fit in right now.  Now don’t worry, I still wear them, but I wish they were a little bit more of a big deal than they are now.

5.  N’Sync and Backstreet Boys: These groups were the big thing while I was growing up.  I hate to choose a favorite, but I do have a Backstreet Boys CD.  I guess I never grew out of my boy-band infatuation (One Direction).

6.  Grams: My grandma started showing signs of early Alzheimer’s around 5-6 years ago.  It really didn’t hit me until she had to ask me what my name was.  I miss the grandma who used to read The Lion King to me and always gave me Disney movies as presents.  It hurts that she doesn't recognize me, but I know she’s in there somewhere and loves me all the same.

7.  Carina and Theresa: These were our amazing foreign exchange students!  They lived with us for half a year and were like my older sisters.  I love when they come and visit! :D

Carina, Trey, and I sledding!

Theresa, Trey, and I got locked up at the State Fair!

8.  The Old Disney Channel: I used to be obsessed with watching That’s So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, and Even Stevens.  The kids of this generation our sadly deprived of the amazing entertainment that we were blessed with!

9.  Scrunchies: I don’t know why I miss these.  I guess I just think they're cool looking. J

10.  Garth Brooks:  I used to always steal his CD from my mom’s collection.  Along with Shania Twain, Garth Brooks supported my love of country music while I grew up.

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