Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New Year's Resolutions

1. Stop Chewing My Fingernails:  I recently watched a Dr. Phil episode where someone was trying to stop themselves from chewing their fingernails.  If you've ever met me and seen my nails you’ll know that they are not the most beautiful nails in the world.  When I’m stressed out or just plain bored, I absolutely destroy them.  My nails are oddly shaped, and my cuticles are gross.  I hate my nails and usually try my best to hide them from people.  This year I’m going to try and kick this awful habit.  My plan is to get as many ‘helpers’ as I can, and I plan to ask my roommate and other close friends to YELL at me whenever I’m chewing.  I decided that I needed some sort of ‘punishment’ for doing my habit.  I've decided that if I ever catch myself chewing my nails, then I will have to do 20 Sit-Ups and 15 Push-Ups. (During the writing process of this post I did have to do this ‘exercise’ twice).

2. Fit in more time for working out: Since I moved in, I have done an alright job of finding time to work out.  I’m not overweight, but I did gain some weight during this first semester.  I personally don't see myself as 'big', but I don't feel particularly 'in-shape' and it bothers me.  Hopefully, working out more often will help me with my golf game, and make me feel healthier overall.  Along with this resolution, I’m going to pair it with eating healthier.  At least fitting in one salad a day if not more.  I need to become more conscious of eating enough fruits and vegetables during the day.

3. Get down to business when it comes to my school work: I've always put a lot into my schoolwork, but I feel like I got really overwhelmed this semester and didn't handle it the best way I could.  After meeting with one of the campus counselors, I learned a few easy ways to manage my workload and stress.  This blog is one of them.  One thing I had to do was identify what made me stress.  I realized that, this last semester, golf stressed me out immensely.  At my last meet I felt like I hadn't had any fun throughout the 18 holes.  The reason I do golf is to have fun.  I plan to play this next semester in the hope that I will have fun now that I can handle my stress better, but I have to be conscious of my ‘breaking point’.  If I can’t handle golf and school and am not having any fun, then I have to take more drastic measures. 

Post Song: Change Your Life by Little Mix

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