Sunday, February 3, 2013

Update- Second Week of School

Who would have thought that in only the SECOND week of school, I would start feeling stressed out!

          First Monday classes of the semester!  Yay Yay!  I started the morning with a wonderful breakfast with my roommate.  I've done a good job of staying away from the greasy hash-browns: Instead, I've decided to stay close friends with cereal and fruit.  After breakfast I had a short interview with NLOM for a position as a summer camp staff counselor.  "But Lizzy, I though you were going to Washington DC this summer?!" Yes, I'd love to do that, but I do need a back-up plan.  I've always been told to never put all of my eggs in one basket.
         UPDATE: According to the PA timeline, interviews for the positions were supposed to be held at the end of January.  Since I hadn't heard anything I emailed another person who had applied.  They told me that they hadn't heard anything either, but that they weren't expecting anything at least for another month.  So, there is still hope!  Don't lose faith and neither will I!
          I then had class and was finally FREE!  For some reason my ability to focus during that afternoon was seriously flawed.  Instead of studying, I spent my time watching Pocahontas and staring at the ceiling (I live such a rebel life).  After dinner with Leah I was FINALLY able to 'get in the zone' for about 20 minutes before I had to work.  Sadly I can't bring my computer to work so after doing all of my hand-written (eww) homework, I decided to write. :)

          Tuesday was a dreary day.  With a low temperature and overcast sky it seemed a little dead.  Sadly, that 'feeling' fell upon me also.  Trying to do homework with ZERO energy is very difficult!  I spent the majority of the evening catching up on episodes of The Biggest Loser while eating chocolate covered almonds (one of these things is not like the other).  The entire evening wasn't quiet though.  I spent about an hour talking and laughing with my future roommates: Kassie, Betsy, and Leah.  I love hanging out with them because we're never short on laughs.  After spending some time with all of them, it is easy to see that we are going to have a great time next year!

          Have I ever mentioned that I hate snow? WELL I DO!  Don't get me wrong, I love a good snow day just like the next guy, but if it doesn't snow enough to the point that we close then I am just stuck walking through it to get to class.  So that's what happened on Wednesday: it snowed.  End. of. Story.

          Not much happened Thursday, but I had a very important meeting in the afternoon. At about 2 p.m., I met with an adviser for the International Business major. I know what you're thinking: "Lizzy! You're cheating on political science!". Yes... Yes I am... After my awful first semester experience I decided to back away from political science and widen my base.  I learned a lot about the International Business major, but now I have a couple decisions to make.  This adviser 'advised' me to declare into International Business so that I would at least be locked in somewhere.  He told me that it doesn't cost anything to declare, and if I were to change it wouldn't be a big deal.  I'm just scared to start something and not finish.  I'm awful at making decisions, and I don't want to start this and then decide to back out.  I've got a lot to think about over the next few weeks, but if I decide to declare you will be the first to know!

         This was quite the eventful day! I woke up on the futon (I'll explain why I wasn't in my bed in a second) and started my morning routine. Part of my routine involves the bathroom so that's what I did! Oh wait, some pipe burst and my hall had no running water! That meant no sink, no shower, and no toilet! I brushed my teeth with the use of a water bottle! I felt so 'pioneer-ish'. :) Later in the day, before I left for home, I walked by the bathroom to learn that someone decided to use the restroom: even though the toilet won't flush! Honestly, I don't understand some people's thinking! It smelled horrid! At that moment I was very excited to be going home.
          Rewind a little bit: the reason I woke up on the futon. About three days I woke up with a couple bug bites. Nothing too bad until I woke up Thursday morning with about ten bites!

Alert alert! 

         So Friday, my bed had to be stripped and checked for bed bugs! No worries though, it was clean! They think that there is either a spider using me as its personal vending machine, or I'm allergic to something (Oh Joy).

         Present day! (Except I probably won't get this edited and posted until Sunday) Today I woke up bright and early to judge at my old high school's speech meet.  It was definitely weird to be on the other end!  A couple times during my rounds, I would walk in and the room would immediately silence.  It was AWESOME!

I held the power!

         Also, I got to see inside the mysterious hospitality room that I was never allowed in.  However, let me give you an example of my low maturity level.  When I went into the hospitality room I didn't see ANYTHING that looked yummy!  So, being the cool kid I am, I bought myself some Skittles!  Can I just say, though, that judging a speech meet can be just as exhausting as actually competing!  I'm tired!  To finish out my day, I drove back to school so that I could go to the theater department's performance of Legally Blonde.  I always love a good musical and this one was AMAZING!

        Well there's my week!  I've got a few big decisions coming up, but through the power of prayer I know  the right decision will come to me.  I'm not going to let these decisions stress me out, and if they do I need to handle it in a safe way.  I've got big plans for myself and sometimes I look so far into the future that I don't focus what I need to do NOW to get there.  However, I know God has a plan for me and I'll get there one way or another.  I hope you enjoyed hearing this update, and I'm currently working on a non-update post that should be uploaded sometime soon! Have a great rest of your week, and may God bless you and show you his grace in more than one way this week!

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