Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Welcome! :)

          Welcome to the new and improved LizzysLuggage.com!  That's right; I bought the URL!  In a short 24 hours, I made a few fast (but not rash) decisions, got the help I needed, and made it happen.  I've been planning on this for awhile and finally followed through!
          A big thanks to Taylor York for her help in the designing.  If you've followed me through the months, you'll know that the template and design of this blog has changed a LARGE number of times.  I've never been much of an artist, and I'd be lying if I said I knew the color wheel.  With the help of my good friend, I refrained from committing any illegal (and blasphemous) art laws.  Taylor was in complete charge behind the designing and gets 100% of the credit.  I may have gave 'small' inputs, but she did the handiwork (along with drawing a wonderful Header picture), and I definitely owe her a lot!  Thanks Taylor, and I hope everyone likes my new website!

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