Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 for 5 Checklist- Epic Fail

1.  Do My Part in A Group Project: My presentation is tomorrow, and I think we're ready!  Yay!

2.  Workout 3 Times: I worked out twice, plus I went on a bunch of walks.  I think it counts!

3.  Comment on 10 different blogs: Got to about five.  I'll definitely try for this next week!

4.  Sell 1 Ad Spot: It didn't happen, but maybe once I start commenting on more blogs, I'll be able to finally sell one!

5.  Read at least HALF of my current book:  FAIL!  I've read like 25% so far.

Wow! Only 2/5?!  I'll work extra hard this next week!

1.  Comment on 10 different blogs: Second times a charm!

2.  Go On a Walk 5/7 Days:  This week is going to be busy, but I want to take a time to enjoy the nice weather!

3.  Write my HHP Paper:  I have to write a very simple paper on High Fructose Corn Syrup.  It would be so much easier to get this paper done this week instead of during Dead Week and Finals.

4.  Write my English Paper for my Creative Project:  Same as #3.  It's not due this week, but it would be much simpler to write it now instead of later.

5. Complete all of my 5 for 5's:  I obviously failed last week, but I'm ready to tackle them all this week!