Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Episode 2- Buy a Turtleneck

          Welcome, Ladies and Gents, to the second episode of "Why Am I Here?"  I'm your hose, Double-Z Lizzy, and I'm currently stationed in the front row of my Accounting class where the teacher is droning on about current liabilities and payroll.  Obviously, I am not taking notes.  Obviously, I am not paying attention. Obviously, I am not too worried about it.  Before you start lecturing me on listening in class, let me educate you on a few facts.

#1: I do all of the homework.
#2: I read the book chapters TWICE before every test.
#3: I've passed both tests

(This is completely off topic, but there is currently an insistent, high-pitched beeping that is making me lost my train of thought. I mean COME ON! I'm trying to learn about accounting here)

          Anyway, back to the matter of tests: I feel like something isn't right if the class average is 10 points lower than the student who writes her blog posts during class.  Do you get where I'm going with this? Exactly... There's a lot more people here who are paying worst attention than I am.  Lecture them.

          On another note, my professor is once again wearing a shirt that defies all rules:

#1: It mixes red and green.  We all know it's April right?  I realize that it was just snowing earlier this week, but we are still VERY far off from Christmas to start wearing holiday colors.

#2: The stripes are asymmetrical.  It's hard to explain, but try to create a mental image of this: one sleeve is green and one sleeve is red.  When they meet at the top, the seam is closer to his left shoulder than the right. That two inch off-set has been driving me crazy all class.

#3: It's too low-cut.  2 words: Chest Hair.

          Can I just say; I should be an actress.  Sign me up for the next Hunger Games movie!  I am currently writing a blog post in the front row of my class, while still looking like I'm paying attention.  To throw-off my teacher, I look up at his notes every-so-often and nod like I'm absorbing the message, while in reality I'm thinking about his fashion sense.  I think it's about time I drop-out and start my acting career.  No worries folks, I'll remember all you little people when I'm dating Rupert Grint and accepting an Oscar.

Good day my fine readers! (Sorry this post is so late)

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