Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday

          My pastor here in Lincoln makes me SO angry!!!!! You know why?!  BECAUSE HE'S ALWAYS RIGHT!  I don't know how he does it, but his sermons always connect to my life in some way.  I want my Sunday morning to be nice and easy, but NO!  Pastor J shows a three and a half minute video that involves marshmallows and suddenly my mind is moving faster than my brother does after seeing a snake.  While I try to contain my frustration and fix all of the spelling errors in the above paragraph, watch the video I'm talking about:

          See? Isn't it adorable and cute?

          NO! It is not funny and it is not innocent.  It is evil and waaaaay too thought-provoking for its own good.  It should be BANNED from YouTube!  You know why?  BECAUSE IT'S 100% CORRECT!  And no, I am not talking about marshmallows anymore!

          Picture this: Instead of a kid, it's actually yourself, and the marshmallows are actually your dreams.  You just have to sit there and watch them mature.  Try to grab them too early and 'poof' they'll disappear faster than you can say 'marshmallow'!  This concept is so hard for me to grasp.  I'm one of those people who wish they could have a time machine so I could just fast-forward through all of my schooling and land into my dream job.  Is there anyone out there who agrees with me?  I hate all of the 'preparing' crap!  I just want to be doing something I love every single day!  Don't get me wrong, I love NWU and all of the amazing friends I've made, but I want to start making a REAL change.  A BIG change!  I want triple-digit followers on my blog, twitter, and YouTube.  I want to be the reason for people's smiles and laughs.  I want people to get excited to hear my messages and look up to me as a role model.  Do you know what all those things take?  Time and waiting.  It sucks, but it's a necessary stage for development.

          Look at this: I got 15 views on my Vlog during the first 48 hours it was live. 15.

          That. Is. It.  15. I'm taking more credit hours than that; but guess what... I have to start somewhere, and you know what?  It pisses me off.  

Listen to what this fellow vlogger says on the topic: Matthew Santoro

          Why are these people so right?  I previously had given up my vlogging because I was barely getting any views.  I was discouraged.  I GRABBED THE MARSHMALLOWS PREMATURELY! Dang It!  I can't expect to have two million subscribers because of five amateurly-done videos.  So, I've started vlogging again, and guess what: I'm having a lot of fun!  I'm going at it with a different mentality.  Instead of continually worrying about how many people are watching, I'm worrying about whether or not I'm enjoying myself!  It's going to take awhile to move up to 'Two Marshmallows', but I'm ready for the long-haul.  I've placed the marshmallows back on the plate, and I don't plan on picking them up any time soon.

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