Saturday, May 18, 2013

Reunited and It Feels So Good!

          Schoooooool's Out For Summer! Yay! I can happily say that I have survived my first year of college, and according to Bright Hub, where it says 35% of students drop-out during their first year; I have accomplished something great!  I've been home for like a day and a half, but I have yet to start unpacking my things.  People always say that they hate packing, but I've decided that I hate both packing and unpacking.  Neither are a very FUN activities, and if I'm able to procrastinate; I WILL!

          Speaking of procrastination: today was full of it!  I woke up, got dressed (for reasons I don't know; I didn't even leave the house), and did my make-up (again, I don't know why).  My belongings are currently strewn throughout my entire house, and my want to put it all away was, at the time, a zero.  So, instead of doing what I SHOULD have done, my brother and I started our Summer Challenge Series (kind of).  Trey and I decided that this summer we would entertain ourselves by uploading videos on YouTube of us doing 'Challenges'.  Today, we launched it with making pancakes and doing the Sibling Tag.  Yes, I realize that it isn't an actual challenge, but we wanted to introduce ourselves in some way and we were hungry.

Making Pancakes and The Sibling Tag

          Trey and I plan to try and upload a video every week, and hopefully they will get funnier as we learn how to work together!  You can subscribe to my channel by clicking on the little YouTube icon on my right sidebar (under my Intro-Picture), or you can just follow us through here, but don't forget to comment so I know you're watching!

          Anyway, tomorrow is supposed to be the day I unpack and organize all of my CRAP, but I'll let you know if that actually happens.  My hope is to start blogging a little more regularly now that school is out.  I'm not going to promise every day, because I've tried that and failed too many times to count.  I'm excited for this summer and can't wait to make it the best ever!  See you all later!

          P.S: I'm also very excited to spend every single day with this cutie! I mean who wouldn't...

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