Monday, May 20, 2013

5 for 5 Link-Up

Well... I know it has been two weeks, but I was in the middle of some pretty tough finals last week, so I extended it!

1. Finish My HHP Paper

2. Write my English Paper

3. Start packing my stuff: I'm actually home so I did pack, but I also unpacked all of my stuff yesterday.  Yay for over-achieving!

4. Give my blog a makeover: I didn't do anything HUGE, but I did a little 'house-keeping'.

5. See Iron Man 3I have yet to see this... :(
Not going to lie, 4/5 is probably the best I've every done!  Time for next week's challenge:
1.  Comment on 10 blogs
2.  Become more active on my own blog
3.  Do at least ONE Pinterest project (and blog about it)
4.  Update my Facebook Page:  I saw this on someone else's list.  I have a Facebook Page, but I'm getting really bad about updating it. 
5.  Get a T-shirt Shop set-up in my blog:  If you didn't know, I am working at a T-shirt shop this summer.  I'd like to design some shirts and sell them on my blog.  Let me know if that sounds like something you may be interested in!

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