Tuesday, June 18, 2013

5 for 5

So, I'm a day late... I actually have family here these next few weeks so my posts will be coming less and less often, but hopefully I'll be able to post every now and then!  Time to link-up with Jessica and Jenn, let's see how last week went!


1.  Try a New Recipe:  Garlic Parmesan Chicken, Asparagus Linguine  and Peanut Butter Sheet Cake.    Everything turned out yummy, and the chicken was to-die-for.  I put too much powdered sugar into the frosting for the sheet cake, so the frosting wasn't as 'runny' as it should have been so it didn't spread very pretty.  However, it still tastes very good.  I'll make sure to get the recipe on here this week!

2.  Finish Editing and Upload My Video (plus film another one): I started editing my next one today :)

3.  Write at least an hour a day: Need this to help with stress: I didn't write for an hour every day, but I did write every day!

4.  Read at least an hour a day: Again, stress reliever:  This was almost too easy for me!

5.  Take a Walk Everyday: O yea!  I did it! Every day I went for a walk, and for the last few mornings I've gotten up at 7 to walk before work! I feel so empowered!  I actually went for a run Saturday morning; however, I don't have the proper shoes for that, and both of my knees are bad, so I've decided to just walk every morning.

My dog, Sharpay, felt bad and shared some snuggles after my run!
Here's my goals for next week!

1. Keep walking everyday
2. Finish a Book
3. Edit and Upload Video
4. Spend 1 hour everyday working on blog
5. Comment on 10 vlogs and 10 blogs.

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