Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's The Pop?!

          Don't judge me, but I have always been a fan of Pop Culture.  From reality TV shows to the-oh-so-attractive boy bands.  From celebrations to scandals.  I'm a sucker for some good gossip.  Whether it's a new song/show starting up or a celebrity caught cheating; I have an opinion and I love to share it.  Since everyone's thoughts and opinions are different, I've decided to give you all my personal point-of-view on these 'happenings'.  Since pop culture is so unpredictable, these posts will be similar.  When something comes up that interests me: I'll share it.  Have an opinion? Don't hesitate to discuss in the comments, or shoot me a tweet (I'll always respond).

          First, I'm proud to say that my girl DANIELLE BRADBERY won The Voice last night!  I completely agree with America's decision, and I can't wait to see where Danielle goes from here.  I really believe that this is exactly what Country needs right now.  Since Taylor Swift is basically converting to pop, Danielle is going to shine in the country spotlight.  Not only that, can we talk about her performance with the adorable Hunter Hayes?!

          How does she sing so perfectly with that attractive piece of man candy next to her?!  (Sorry, my inner-fan-girl slipped out a little there).  Aren't they adorable together, thought?  Let the relationship rumors begin!!!!  But seriously; Danielle deserves it, and I think she would have hit it big even if she hadn't won.  Michelle Chamuel (runner-up) and The Swon Brothers (2nd runner-up) are also too big to ignore.  Wait for it; I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of all three of them.


          My next POP is one that actually almost left me in tears at the beginning of the week.  If you've been with me for awhile, you'll know that I wrote a post right after the New Year in response to the pictures that were released of Justin Bieber smoking what looked like to be weed or pot or whatever.  I actually deleted the post awhile ago, but my basic reaction was that he was young and bound to make some mistakes.  I wish he would have been more careful for the reason that he has a lot of younger fans, but to get angry at a teenage boy for acting like a teenage boy is worthless to me.  This POP isn't about J-Biebs though.  No, this post is about One Direction.  Earlier this week, the boy group apparently rented out a private yacht for a little 'vacation' away from paparazzi and fans.
          I completely understand needing to get away and relax, but when pictures sprout up of four out of the five members smoking?  It would be absurd if fans didn't question it?  Even with 'weird-looking-cigarette' rumors; after looking at the pictures I'm about 89% sure they were just smoking legal cigarettes.  Does that make it any better? Maybe a little bit, but the fact that they have thousands of elementary-school fans should have made them question their actions.  Anyone and everyone in their position are role models.  One thing that frustrates me daily is that some celebrities don't realize the power they actually hold and the impact one little decision can make.  

          I went to my mom with my worries; because honestly, after watching Justin Bieber's breakdown, I didn't want One Direction to fall victim to the stress of stardom.  My mom, being the blessing she is, told me straight off: they're not angels.  She went on to explain that since they're young, they are experiencing different things.  The members of One Direction range from 19 to 21 years of age, so yea; they're young.  She then talked about all the things she did as a kid that wasn't really considered 'classy'.  Never thought my mom would be the person to calm me down before a meltdown but she did!  

          Overall, One Direction is still my favorite band.  Am I a little upset to see them harming their bodies?  Yes, but guess what: it's a free country!  As long as it doesn't become a career-ending habit: I'm a happy camper.  I don't meltdown every time I see a loved one doing something that could kill them, so why should I do that with One Direction.  Yes, they are role models and yes I hope they don't continue this harmful behavior because frankly: I'd like to meet them one day and lung cancer can end that possibility quickly.  I think what needs to be understood, however, is that they are humans.  We've got to stop putting them on a pedestal and idolizing them.  Like my mom said: "They aren't angels."  And we can't expect them to be.


          Finally, my last POP is in celebration!  Fifth Harmony has come out with their debut single: Miss Movin' On!  Yaaaaaay!  I love these girls, and I'm so happy that they've started creating music regardless that they didn't win.  Quick education session for those of you who don't know Fifth Harmony (for those of you living under a rock):  the group was created during the Bootcamp portion of the X-Factor.  All five members (Camilla, Lauren, Ally, Normani, and Dinah) auditioned as individuals, but didn't make it through the Bootcamp eliminations.  However, the judges put them together as a group and they continued all the way to the finals and won 3rd place.  Their mentor, Simon Cowell, felt they were too good to lose and co-signed them onto his label. (Does this story sound familiar? hint hint: One Direction).  

          After the show, they kept all the fans entertained with a few covers here and there (their covers of Rihanna's Stay and Ed Sheeran's Lego House are among my favorites).  I'm happy to see them creating their own music, and not only that; staying the quirky, lovable girls that made me love them.  Check out their unique, cute Vine-style lyric video: 

          To be completely honest; I wasn't expecting this kind of music to come from them, but I genuinely love it!  I've even added this to my morning Jam playlist!  After five seconds of this song, I'll be up booty-poppin' everywhere.  Okay, that's a lie, but I don't think it's possible for me to sit still during this song.  While attempting to stay while to listen to all of the lyrics; I got goosebumps.  GOOSEBUMPS!  It actually came on while I was at work, and I stood up screaming, "MOM THIS IS MY JAM!!"  Long story short: I scared the shit out of her, and I showed some of the customers my bangin' dance moves.  Before I continue to fangirl, I'm gonna move on, but Fifth Harmony: Good Job :) You've got my lifetime of support!

          Well there you have it: My debut pop culture post that will be back at least weekly if not more often.  Use the comments as a discussion zone and let me know what you're thinking!

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