Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crazy Day of Ideas

          Before I begin talking about the crazy idea that popped into my head this morning, I'm gonna talk a little about my outfit for today.  I'm not really one to have daily posts about what I'm wearing, but for some reason I just really loved the way I looked this morning.  I was actually okay with taking a few pictures and sharing them here!  My normal outfit consists of colored skinny jeans and a plain colored shirt.  Ever since my parents bought the t-shirt business, I have had an unlimited amount of plain colored t-shirts that I don't have to go to a crowded mall to find.  It's amazing!  Today I wore my light pink skinnies, with a black racer-back tank and an off-the-shoulder, off-white blouse.  My favorite part of the outfit, however, was my 'accessories'.  I wore my light blue scarf with a broach and my usual necklace.

My necklace is an intricate part of my daily wardrobe.  I never take this thing off.  LIKE EVER!  (WeeeEEEE are  Anyway, my necklace has 4 different components.  The most prominent in this picture is my 'writer' charm that I got from Book Fiend on Etsy just recently.  I love the subtle identification, and this was a great addition to my necklace.  Under the writer charm, you can see the bottom of my Eiffel Tower charm.  My family has never really taken any big vacations before.  The farthest we've gone is New York City, but I want to travel all over the world and immerse myself in a multitude of cultures.  First stop: London, England for the first semester of my Junior Year.  To the left of both of those charms (the skinny thing) is actually a piece of my grandma's eyeglasses chain.  She always wore really extravagant chains, and when my parents asked if I wanted anything of her's, I immediately started looking through these.  It's very simple; with two small beads and an anchor in the middle; but it holds a lot of meaning to me.  Finally, (you can't see it), but I received a heart locket with a cross on it for my 19th birthday.  The pictures within the locket are a secret to everyone (but me), and they hold a special meaning in my heart.

The scarf was a gift from my friend Anna for my 17th birthday (I think).  Thanks Anna!  My shirt was purchased from American Eagle, and my GORGEOUS light pink pants were bought from JC Penney :)

This is another piece from my grandma.  I should probably explain why I'm wearing so many of my grandma's mementos.  Recently, my parents brought home my grandma's jewelry box for us to look through and find anything we want.  No, my grandma hasn't passed away, but she's currently living in a nursing home with the degenerative disease Alzheimer's.  It's an awful disease, and it's not only hard for the victim but also the caregivers and family around them.  I really love my grandma, and even though she's incapable of telling me; I know she loves me.

            Now it's time for my crazy idea.  If you don't know, my parents bought a Screen Printing and Embroidery business here in our home-town.  This summer I've been in charge of doing vinyl and designing the shirts.  It's become a little bit of a hobby for me now, and I came to the realization today that I've got a few good ideas that I'd love to share.  So, I've decided to create my own T-shirt Clothing Line.  I've never been much of a fashion designer, but I am creative enough to design cute, quirky, and lovable shirts that I hope everyone will love.  The line is still in the planning process, and I'm getting help from my family and friends.  The more I think about it, the more excited I get!  I'll keep you all 'in-the-loop', and I'll let you know when I 'launch'! :)

Wow, that post got a little deeper than I thought, but I had a pretty intense day!

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  1. THIS IS SO EXCITING! I think you'll have such a great time making those cute t-shirts, and I can't wait to see your launch! Also, I love how personal your necklace is. Absolutely gorgeous and just lovely.