Friday, July 19, 2013

Guest Post: What to Pack for College

Hey guys! As most of you now, I'm currently preparing for a One Direction concert, and I wasn't planning on being able to write any extensive posts today.  Lindsey from Lindsey's Thoughts helped me out with an awesome guest post today!  Packing for college is a pretty scary task, but Lindsey came up with a simple list of things you DON'T want to forget!  Hope you all enjoy it, and I'll see you after my weekend of boy bands and fangirling.


          Every freshman's worst nightmare: Do I need this for college? Short answer: probably. But, what is the must have for a college student? Here's my list:

-2 sheet sets

-duvet and duvet cover

This is what my bed looked like last year! Sheets/Duvet: Peyton Organic from PBteen (pool blue)
-pillows (3 or as many as you want)

-extra blankets (in case you and your roommate don't agree on the temperature setting)

-alarm clock (you might need to set one for those pesky 8 am classes!)

-nightstand (this doesn't have to be a traditional one. I made one out of two of the stackable boxes found at target).

-bedside lamp

-"boyfriend" pillow (the one with the two arms you can lean in)

-TV, DVD player, DVDs, etc.

-computer (personal preference: Macbook Pro)

-printer (I got a free one when I purchased my computer plus $100 to iTunes/App store)

-extra paper and ink cartridges



-vacuum and other cleaning supplies.

-basic school supplies (I'll go more in depth on my own blog

Here's a video on how I organize my binder and notebook.

-food! (again, another more in depth post on my own blog at a later date)

-laundry basket and detergent to do laundry

-mini fridge/microwave if your school doesn't provide it. Mine does, so it wasn't something I had to worry about.

-patience! Take your time adjusting to school, this includes moving in. In my case, my mom unpacks anything because I apparently can't do it right. Therefore, I just find some place to sit and stay there.

-iron and ironing board.


-flat iron,curling iron, and hair dryer. Always, always, always dry your hair with the door shut! Your hair dryer is probably loud and you don't want to disturb other people.

-your medicine. And please, actually take it.

-more storage space. Your room probably doesn't come with much storage. I have plastic bins from target that I use to store things like my food in.

-water bottles, plates, bowls, etc. You never know what kind of food you'll pick up at the grocery store (or need to); therefore, come prepared. I had plasticware to use and plates and bowls from Target. I used my water bottles from high school sports and had red solo cups I could throw away when I was done using them.


-dish soap.


-gloves to clean with!

-a can opener that is not electric. Yes, it can actually come in handy. Or, you can do what I did and use a metal knife it got holes in the top of the can.

And here's what not to bring:
-a computer lock. This is just unnecessary on so many levels.

-boyfriend/girlfriend. I cannot tell you how many people break up when they go to college. Save yourself the heartache by breaking up ahead of time. Plus, it eliminates the issue of cheating because you aren't together  all the time like you're used to being.
*note: some relationships do work out, this is just from my observations*.

-alcohol. If you really want to drink, you'll find a way. Most likely a free way. But, don't be stupid.

-drugs. Don't be stupid.

-puppies, cats, etc. As much as we all might like to have one (I'll take my puppy anytime now), bring a picture of your pet to school. I have one of my cat that stays on my desk.

-drama. Be adult. No one wants drama.

-stuff you don't actually use. Leave anything at home you haven't worn in a long time, movies you haven't watched recently, video games you don't play anymore. Worst case scenario is that you ask mom and dad to mail them to you later.

Thank you so much to Lindsey for basically taking a little bit of work away from me today!  I hope you all enjoyed the post and make sure to go to Lindsey's page and check her out!  You may find a guest post there from me soon!


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