Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Confessions

Before you freak out: YES, I know this link-up is meant for Wednesday.  However, I had already posted twice that day (HUMP DAY), and I didn't want to spam you all with my crazy talk.  Also, this is a super fun and easy post that I can write quick, because I leave for vacation today!  That is why this post is so early in the morning.  Being the good little blogger I was, I wrote this post last night and have been waiting for a decent time to upload it via mobile device.  Thank the Lord for today's technology.

So, I linked-up with Paige and Samantha for my weekly confessions:

I confess that I didn't start packing for this weekend until last night.

I confess that I didn't have any actual meals today (I snacked all day).

I confess that I am not looking forward to coming back to work on Monday.

I confess that I fall a little more in love with my new design every time I see it.

I confess that I'm super excited to see One Direction live.

I confess that I will probably cry from post-concert depression.

I confess that I have a bet with one of my friends on whether or not my other friend will faint.

I confess that I have a huge poster of JFK in my room.

I confess that I will probably spend all of my summer savings shopping tomorrow.

I confess that one of the main reasons I'm excited about this weekend is to blog about it.

I confess that I haven't read a book in about a month.

I confess that I have a YouTube video filmed, but not edited.

I confess that I am behind on my guest posts for other people.

I confess that I have become addicted to Candy Crush.

I confess that 7:30 is too early to drive in a car.

I confess that you are all amazing and that you all should have a great day!

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