Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guest Post from Paulina and Ad Information

Hey ya'll!  Can we give a big "Thank God" for Paulina today?  Not only is the store crazy, but I'm also suffering from a bad case of bloggers' block.  This post was previously supposed to publish tomorrow, but I could not for the life of me think of a good post for today!  As all of you know, I'm not going to post something that I feel is written half-ass not well.  So, since Paulina got me her post WAYYYY in advance, she's going to make a premature premiere!  Everyone play nice and enjoy!


Hello to all of Lizzy's awesome readers! If you don't know me, I don't blame you. I am kind of odd. Any way, my name is Paulina and I blog over on Discovering Simply Me. Where I hot-messingly attempt  to figure out what I am going to do with my life and where it's going to take me. Hence the hot mess of it all.


Today I would like to share with you a story when I tried to stalk someone. Yes, I have tried to do this before. And please notice the word tried in the previous sentence because it was an utter failure.

Now this isn't the way we get to stalk people like we do now. There was no Twitter. Shocker right? Or maybe it just wasn't popular yet, but that's beside the point. I do know, however, that this was a time before Facebook-stalking became a thing too.

So, yes; we are talking about sitting in a parking lot with sunglasses, hats and binoculars.

Me cia 2008 getting ready for the stalk. 
The Story- The summer of 2008 there was a new employee at my summer job. He was totally weird. Which was typical since he was a Doctor's son and they usually were. This guy though would never speak to us. For lunch he would be gone for two hours, come back, stay for 15 mins,and then leave. Made no sense. So a friend of mine & I decided we were going to figure out where he went for lunch.

We took the day off.  Bought huge sunglasses and hats. Since I drove a bright yellow beetle and apparently those two things would hide us. 

Then waited for a parking spot near his car. Looked out in the rear-view mirrors and waited. Then waited some more since everyday he took his lunch at a different time. 

Two hours have passed. We frantically started texting our friends inside hoping they can convince him to go take his lunch. 

Another hour passes and one of our friends finally get the nerve to speak to him. Meanwhile. we are starting to complain of hunger. Well, cause we were.

The phone vibrates (since this is a stalk and we can't have our Spice Girl ringtones going off) and crap-o-la: neither one of us had iPhones yet either.  

Her phone was crap! It would shut-off half the time and freeze.

We reboot the phone and open the message. 


Livid! We were livid. We sat in my car for three hours for nothing

So what did we do? Got out of the car, dragged our friends to subway, and then went to my house bummed, sad & utter failures. 

So to all of you youngsters out there: you guys are so lucky stalking has become so much easier. Twitter and Facebook has made your lives so much simpler. Stalking is just a few simple clicks and you can do it all in the comfort of your own home. 

However; if you ever want to give it a try, here is some advice: do more research about the person before-hand and don't do it in the middle of summer. It's too hot then. 

Now for my plug: if you want to hear more crazy stories or want to find out if I ever got my life together; you can find all that out here, here or here. Ta Ta Lizzy's readers, hope you enjoyed.


Who wants to go on a stalking mission with me?  I feel like this needs to be something on everyone's bucket list.  A massive thanks to Paulina for guest-posting for me, and you should all go check her out!  You may find a guest-post there from me here soon (I just have to get around to writing it).  

On another note, I am now currently booked in free ad-swaps with 3 on back-up if one of my current ones were to back-out at the end of their time or I find my button is not on their blog.  Due to high 'demand' (I feel so professional), I can't offer unlimited free ad-swaps.  It would just make my page crazy.  However, I do offer VERY CHEAP ad space for purchase on my sponsor page!  Be sure to check-it-out :)

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