Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Meet My Furry Family

          If you've been with me at all, you'll know that I love to post about my puppies.  Recently, I discovered Paulina's blog Discovering Simply Me (check her out; she has an adorable dog), and she tweeted me about my dogs!  That's when I realized that I never actually formally introduced my readers to my furry friends!  So, here it goes!  Everyone meet Sharpay, Coco, Squirt, and Robin!

          Sharpay has been in the household the longest.  We adopted her while I was in 8th grade from the Humane Society.  She was just a tiny little (cute) thing then.  It was clear that her favorite was Mom right from the start, and that is part of the reason she was in an accident.  About 2 years after we got her, Sharpay was hit by a car.  My mom was gone on her yearly vacation to see my Grandma in Virginia, so it was my Dad's, Trey's, and I's job to take care of her.  It was pretty obvious that Sharpay missed Mom, because she was apprehensive all week.  Say what you want, but that dog was able to tell my mom was gone.  One day, my dad left the door open a little too long and Sharpay slipped out.  To be completely honest, Sharpay was probably traveling faster than the car.  We live near a highway, and Sharpay headed straight that way.  The driver had already seen her and began to slow down, but Sharpay ran head-first into it.  No worries, she didn't die, but she doesn't have perfect control of her back legs.  She drags them behind her slightly and she isn't able to control when she goes to the bathroom, but we love her (sometimes).  She is very protective of my mom, and doesn't like when Trey and I get anywhere near her when she has food.  I love her to death, but she is my mom's baby.

          Coco was the second addition to the family!  My aunt breeds Yorkies, and Coco came from her.  She's one of the breeding dogs and has had multiple litters of puppies.  She stays with us inbetween litters and 'mating periods'.  She's the 'mom figure' of the 4 dogs.  Sharpay doesn't really like Squirt, but Coco keeps them both in-check.  She also has an iron gut.  Her favorite place is in the kitchen and under my brother's chair since he drops the most food.  She'll eat anything and everything, but I've realized that she especially loves Mac n' Cheese.

          Squirt is my BABY!  She was born as a runt, so my aunt wasn't able to sell her.  I love how small she is because it makes her unique like me.  She's a cuddler, and always comes running when I lay on the coach.  Whenever I had to stay home sick from school; she was my nurse.  She sleeps with me and goes to the store with me every morning.  You'll see a lot of her on this blog if you stick around!  I wouldn't expect too many good photos though; she's pretty un-photogenic.  Example #1: She likes to walk in front of the camera.

          Robin just joined our family about a week ago!  For short, we call her Rob.  She's my Dad and Brother's future hunting dog, but currently just my cuddle-buddy.  None of the other dogs like her, but they'll change their minds when she gets bigger.  Currently, she's like a baby: she bites and whines then crashes hard.  I like to call her the devil, but she is the most photogenic in the group.

          Even though my dogs are the runners of our fluffy family; we also have some pets that are present and past.  Kyle was my first show bunny.  We had bought his mom at a sale while she was pregnant, and he was my brother's favorite of the litter.  Kyle turned out to be the only one we kept of the litter, and I showed him at the County fair that next year.  We were the Showmanship Champions!!!!!  Sadly, he passed away this last winter after living for much longer than any of my other rabbits.

          Mufasa is my most recent show bunny.  He's technically a lion-head rabbit; thus his name and mane!  He's my fluffy baby!!!!!  My only problem with him is that he is quite furry and likes to shed his crazy hair all over the place.

          Next is the crazy Belle.....actually, it's the evil Belle.  She doesn't like anyone unless it's her choice to approach you.  You can actually see how mean she is in this video HERE.  Even though she's evil most of the time, she still likes to sit on my lap every-so-often.

          Ginger was our first dog EVER!  She was a gorgeous Golden Retriever that was amazing with Trey and I at our young ages.  Sadly, when we first moved to the town we are at now, Ginger was poisoned either by a thing or a person.  We were very careful in making sure there was nothing bad that could kill her in the backyard; which brought about someone else poisoning her.  I miss her all the time, but she's in Doggy Heaven :D

          Finally, there is Cherokee.  She technically wasn't my pet, but she was the horse I rode when I still showed.  This may sound crazy, but she was the first horse I rode that I felt I had a connection with.  Before riding her, I was a 'slow shower'.  I did English riding and Western pleasure.  'Going fast' was NOT in our vocabulary.  That's until I started riding Cherokee.  I began to do more speed events, reigning, and working ranch.  Instead of working around cones, I was working around cows.  After riding her for about a year, she passed away due to cardiac arrest during a surgery to fix colic.  She was the last horse I ever showed, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

          Hopefully you enjoyed meeting my dogs and my other various pets!  What kind of pets do you have? Tell me about them in the comments!


  1. OMG I WANT YOUR LIFE!!!!! I wish my parents let us have that many animals. But sadly my dad gets really sick around most animals that shed. Which can be a good thing because then I would probably bring a new animal home every year and I could never afford that.

    And I have a runt too. Charlie who I usually call old man on the blog was the runt of the litter and the breeder wasn't going to sell him and just keep him. But my parents were like if we don't bring a dog home to our children they might kill us. So he became the discount puppy. Since we got him for pretty much nothing. He turns 15 in October and is actually the only living one from his litter. Which is odd since at first they never though he wouldn't live for long.

    But he still acts like a puppy. And only weird thing about him is that he walks sideways his spine is all weird from when he was born so his front legs are straght and his hine legs are slightly to the left. But we love him sadly he isn't a huge fan of palmer but is slowly getting used to him as long as he doesn't bother my mom who is his mommy.

    1. :) It seems like every time we say 'no more dogs' we end up getting more! I think we're done for awhile though!

    2. I wish I could get more. Can't afford it though on college budget.