Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What Have I Been Reading?!

          I've seen a lot of my favorite blogs do this in the past, and I've always wanted to do something similar.  I realize that most of my readers are my family and friends; but I'd love to have a post every week of some of my favorite posts that I had read during the week.  These don't even scratch the surface of all the amazing posts I read daily, but I obviously can't share them all!  Here a few of my all-time favorites from this past week:

I've recently become very good friends with Samantha!!! (I love bloggy friends)  Anyway, we've been emailing back-and-forth about her study abroad trip to Rome, and she's been posting about it on her blog!  She's a little bit homesick, so I'm sure if you went and gave her some love she'd really appreciate it!  

  I love thought-provoking posts!  Elisabeth wrote an amazing post on her opinion on career vs. motherhood.  She shared her thoughts of wanting to be in her dream career before starting a family.  It was an amazingly written post that got me thinking!  If you look in the comments, you'll see that everyone left her huge paragraphs instead of one or two lines.  Great post, and I think you should all check it out!

I'm starting to get really depressed when I read about other people's amazing trips and experiences.  I definitely need to get out more.  Luckily, I will be going to the zoo in about two weeks (Yay!)  So until then I will just have to fan-girl over everyone else's amazing stories!  One of my favorites?  Chelsea swam with Whale Sharks.  LIKE IN THE FLESH... and I'm just sitting in my room...eating Oreos.

Patricia hit the topic of over-sharing in a very cool and interesting way.  She talked a lot about American views of over-sharing and French views of over-sharing.  It was super intriguing, and kind of another though-provoking post.  It also has a mix of witty humor intertwined that made it even more awesome.

I hope you guys check these cool girls out!  Go look at their posts and let them know in the comments that I sent you!  They're amazing and a few of my favorite writers!

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