Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Confess...

I confess that I screwed-up an order and almost cost our business (and my paycheck) over $200.

I confess that I get really worked-up over things that aren't worth it.

I confess that if I have to get up and re-thread the embroidery machine one more time, I might just throw it out the front window of the store.

I confess that I have been stuck on level 45 of Candy Crush for the last week. (I can't handle this)

I confess that I'm also playing Candy Crush while simultaneously writing this post.

I confess that I'm currently in love with Karmin's new song Acapella.

I confess that I'm really upset that I can't purchase the 1D Cosmetics line because I don't live in the UK.
(Not only do they NOT sell them here in stores, but I can't even get them shipped here via online)

I confess that I'm super-obsessed with checking my email.

I confess that my love of Oreos has reached an all-time high.

I confess that I can't think of anymore confessions.

I confess that tomorrow's post will be a lot more thought out :)


  1. I'm so obsessed with checking my email, too! I don'tknow why, but I'm always checking it on my phone. Sometimes my phone freezes lol.

    1. It's ridiculous! :O I have to challenge myself NOT to check it every 5 minutes!

  2. I'm totally addicted to Candy Crush and have been stuck on level forever and I'm determined to beat it. I love your gif describing the feeling.


    1. Thanks! I finally passed the stinkin' level, but now I'm stuck on the quests! Blegh!

      Thanks for commenting :)
      xoxo, Lizzy

  3. Love that song by her! I've been listening to it none stop. And candy crush is my addiction. I am stuck on a level too right now and its driving me insane.

    1. I finally passed it!!!! thank goodness :p I hope you get passed yours!