Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Guest Post: Visiting London

        I received the idea for this guest post about a week ago, and I have been very excited about posting it!  It's a little different from what I usually post about, but I decided that it was cool enough to post!  About a week ago I got contacted by a representative from Sports Direct to let them write a post about traveling to London, and more specifically; the kind of luggage you should use (perfect, right?).  Not only did I want this post for your benefit, but also for mine (since I will be studying abroad next fall).

So for today, all you need to do is relax and learn something new!  Oh, and enter my giveaway :)


London city, the capital of the UK, home of the Queen, wet weather and cups of English tea! The city is a hotspot for tourists from far and wide. So, for those who aren’t accustomed to the city life, here’s some tips and advice on getting around LDN. 
Depending on your reason of visit, you may want to consider your luggage choices! London is very busy at the best of times so hauling around several bags jam packed with things you probably won’t need is not the best idea, whether you’re on a holiday or short city break, a business trip or just a girly weekend away!  
If there’s a few of you and you share one large suitcase this may be a lot easier to keep track of everyone’s belongings. I’d suggest taking a large suitcase only if you’re getting a coach to drop you off right outside your hotel. If you’re travelling in a more traditional way on tubes, buses and foot, then smaller individual items of luggage will be much more efficient! Trolley cases that have built in straps are great for getting around the city. They can be pulled a long like a standard suitcase or worn on your back like a backpack. This makes life much easier when hoping on and off public transport, you can pick your case up and throw it over your shoulder if your in a crowd of busy commuters. 
During peak times the tubes can be heaving with local people, tourists, business men and everyone in between! So, whether you’re on your way into the city or half way through your trip your sure to have some form of luggage, whether it's a suitcase or your day bag. Its important to keep your belongings safe as in any busy environment things can easily go missing! Consider how safe your bag is and whether it is easy to grab or pick pocket! Rucksacks are good for carrying on your back or holding in front of you to create more room for people, you can keep all your possessions safe and secure, so in this situation it’s a very good option!
In London there are hundreds of shops! You could spend a small fortune just window shopping! If you’ve arrived with your suitcase bursting full of clothes and bits for your trip you’ll never squeeze in all of your souvenirs! A great tip is to take along a foldable suitcase, a great addition to your main luggage as it can be packed away for your journey there and opened up to fit all your new goodies in for the journey back home! This can also be used as your hand luggage for the journey back if you’re flying from overseas, which saves you worrying about which items you should leave behind!
You should pack your case efficiently and get all of your clothes packed in tightly! If you keep your case organised it may come in handy should you need to grab something out of your bag during your tube commute to avoid things falling out in front of everyone!
So, when you head for the capital remember, expect busy crammed tubes and more shops than you can dream of! Pack minimalistic so you can fill your boots with British goodies and bare in mind the safety of your belongings! Most of all have an amazing time! 

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