Friday, September 20, 2013

My Weekend Activities

          As a college student, my weekends are full of crazy fun.  Now, my definition of crazy fun might be much different than the ordinary college student.  Unlike some of my peers I don't enjoy going out to drink or party... or really even leave my room.  Every weekend I perform a loop of activities that make my weekends awesome!  Sometimes events or other occasions will get in the way, but very rarely do my weekends vary from what can be found below:

1// Homework
As nerdy as it sounds, I spend most of my weekends working ahead in the homework department.  I'd much rather get all of my assignments done early instead of doing them during the week... or the night before.  This weekend's plan is to work on my ISEP application!

2// Sleep
There is nothing better than going to bed and NOT setting an alarm for the next morning.  My internal body clock is still set to wake-up at 7:20 (like I do on weekdays), but it's nice to wake-up and know I can fall back asleep without worrying about being late for something.

#3// Eat
During the week I have pretty good self-control in stopping myself before I eat out of boredom; however, the weekend is a totally different story.  I'm always looking for food, and not just any food: sweets... and more specifically: Oreos.  Above you'll see a nice little container of cookies that my roommate bought for her birthday.  Let it be known that my roommate purchased 84 cookies in all.  Thankfully, she took a lot home today and shared some with her classes.  However, I can easily say that I have eaten about two (or five) cookies a day for the last week.  How I'm not morbidly obese is beyond me.

#4// Read
I've kind of gotten into the groove of reading a book every week.  This weekend I'll hopefully be finishing-up Wonder by R.J. Palacio.  So far its been a good one :)

#5// Don't Go Outside
It honestly takes a lot for me to leave the comfort of my room on a weekend.  Usually the only place I venture to is Barnes and Noble or Starbucks.  This weekend is Homecoming though, so I don't think I'll be playing hermit.  Pray for me...

What are some of your favorite things to do on a weekend?

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This post is connected with BlogPal by my big blogger sister over at Creative Life Antics.  My pal is Sarah!  You should definitely go check out her post of weekend antics!  She's got really cute pictures :D


  1. I am also a weekend eater lol! All week I can be soo good, then Friday night comes and I want chocolate lmao!

    Lorraine x

    1. Same! I love chocolate! Thanks for commenting!

      xoxo, Lizzy

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