Friday, September 6, 2013

HIT or MISS: Edition 1

Hello Wonderful Readers, and welcome to the first installment of 'HIT or MISS'

          This is a new post series where I 'grade' some of the songs (and/or their music videos) that have been on my mind recently!  Each song will either receive a 'Hit' or a 'Miss'.  I will then give a short description of why I feel this way.  In simple terms; 'Hits' are a good thing, and 'Misses' are a bad thing.  Sound easy enough? Let's get started!

**Disclaimer: I in no way mean to 'hate on' these artists.  These are my own personal reviews and opinions on each of the songs, and I understand other people may have different thoughts (use the comments for discussion).  I have the upmost respect for every artist behind these songs and applaud them for any success they receive.**

Me and My Girls by Fifth Harmony
          I honestly wish these girls were bigger than they are now.  They have been so much fun to follow during and after the X-Factor.  Their first single, Miss Movin' On, has been an amazing anthem for anyone trying to get over or through an obstacle that rocked their world.  Whether it's a boy or just another disappointment; that song was meant to push you through it.  Me and My Girls has now become the party song for all those 'girls-only' parties.  This is the perfect song to blast in you car on a trip to Target.  I don't even have to think twice in declaring the song AND the music video a HIT.

We Own the Night by The Wanted
          To be honest, I've never been a HUGE fan of The Wanted, but I came to realize that was because I thought they looked like wanna-be N'Sync-ers.  I now know that they actually have a lot of talent... and good looks!  The biggest reason why I love this song is the lyrics and meaning.  Yes, it's got a great beat and vibe, but I feel like the lyrics are what has made the song one of my favorites in the past few weeks.  Considering the music video; it's not my favorite, and probably not something I would have directed for this song.  I definitely think adding the older men throughout was a smart and cute move, and I understand the party aspect of the entire thing.  What I don't like (or frankly understand) is why they each had to have a 'love interest'.  The song doesn't really have anything to do with love or girls, so why do we have to add them?  It's one of my pet peeves when artists (especially males) add-in attractive people just to improve 'the looks' of the video.  Personally, I like music videos that showcase the meaning of the song, and for that reason their music video is a huge MISS.  However, the song is a definite HIT.

Hurricane by Bridgit Mendler
          I actually downloaded this song after becoming a huge fan of Ready or Not, but if ya'll are hoping for another fun, sweet jam; you're going to be disappointed.  Bridgit decided to dip her hand in a little bit of rap, and I think she needs to yank her hand back and leave the beach.  The rapping sounded almost robotic and didn't seem to fit the beat of the song well.  Even though the chorus had a fun vibe and sound; the rap-style verses really killed the song.  Regarding the music video; it did seem like she was trying a little too hard.  There were just a few too many hair flips and arm/hand gestures for the entire thing to feel natural.  I hate to do it, but both the song and the music video were MISSES for me.

          Did you agree or disagree with any of my thoughts?  Let me know in the comments!  Also, let me know if there are any songs you'd like me to review for the next edition of 'HIT or MISS'.  I'm always up for recommendations, so make sure to let me know!  Thank you so much for reading and stay wonderful!


  1. Not into any of them. Altho I do like Briget on Good Luck Charlie. Everyone likes different things and music is one of them. That's what makes us all unique

  2. Totally agree on Bridgit Medler. She can sing, but she just hasn't had any hits yet that sound all that great. Love 5th Harmony.

  3. I don't actually think that I've heard any of these songs... but I guess you've given me new things to listen to! I did love The Wanted's song Glad You Came that was really big a couple years ago- such a fun song!

    Hope you're doing well girl! I promise I haven't forgotten about e-mailing you back... hopefully I can in the next week! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

    1. I hope you're doing well too! I can't wait to receive your email :) Take your time ;O

      xoxo, Lizzy