Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why Arson Can Be a Good Thing

         This may sound a little 'pyro' of me, but I've always been fascinated with fire and the destruction it can cause.  My dad, as a firefighter, has burned down his fair share of buildings for what they call 'training'.  Whenever these planned burns occur; you can usually find me taking pictures of the scene.

          Who is sick enough to find fascination in fire?  Apparently this girl! Yesterday I was sitting in class when my mind immediately began to ponder my strange fascination behind the flame.

Why did I find it so interesting?  Why did I think it was amazing?

Then it came to me: I want to be an arsonist.

          No, I don't find joy in watching someone's livelihood burn to the ground, and I'm not going to set anything on fire anytime soon.

          Well... at least not in the way you're thinking.

          What I find most fascinating about fire is the impact it can create.  Not only that; the speed at which it spreads its reach is monumental.  What starts off as a small flame can multiply into a blaze that takes over everything.  Through all this thinking; I realized that a little 'pyro' needs to be in anyone that wants to make an impact with their message.

         Don't send me off to the psych ward just quite yet!  Imagine if you could get your message to imitate fire.  One voice is just a little flame.  As you continue to grow and share your message; you'll learn to brighten that little flame into a wildfire that could take over the world.

        As crazy as it may sound; I want to be an arsonist.  I want my messages and ideas to spread through the globe and impact people I've never met!  I also want people, like you, to realize that your message can spread too.  All you need is a little 'pyro' added into your fight.

         Let your thoughts and messages burn like fire and take over the world.  Don't let someone extinguish your flame with harsh words or actions.  Use it as fuel to burn brighter and stronger.  You've got the fire... Just let it burn...

What do you think of this comparison?  Do you want to be an arsonist?


  1. Lizzy, you are too lovely and wise. I just can't handle.


  2. Loved your thoughts and I loved the pictures! :)

    1. Thanks Daniel! :) I appreciate that you took the time to read and comment


  3. I was a pyro as a kid woops! also, I have a friend who's husband's job is to start controlled forest fires! that might be your new career ;) but also, blogs are a great way to spread ideas like case you decide not to be a legit arsonist!

    1. Thanks! And yea, I don't think I'll every actually start a fire anytime soon :) I'm speaking more figuratively :D

      xoxo, Lizzy