Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Am I a Pessimist?

         One thing I've recently learned about myself is that I talk myself out of a lot of things.  My disapproving mental-self has been known to deter me from doing anything that could potentially cause problems.  Here's a fun fact though; my mind has the capability of looking at the worst possible case scenario.  Every. Time.  I hate to be considered a pessimist, but that seems like the most logical explanation!

     Whenever I'm faced with anything, I immediately start to think of ways that it can go wrong.  For example; attending a meeting on campus.  If I don't have any friends to go with me; I get really apprehensive before attending.  I tell myself that it would be best if I just didn't go.  It's going to be awkward and uncomfortable because I won't know anyone.  They'll think I'm weird and kick me out.  The likelihood of any of this happening is quite low.  Does that register in my mind though? Nope!

        I have talked myself out of so many opportunities and chances just because I felt uncomfortable and at-a-loss.  I had never realized how truly large this problem was until I came to college and had someone actually tell me about it.  All it took was a third person point-of-view and I uncovered a problem that has been my demise for a long time.

         Learning and admitting your problem is just one step.  My next question is how to overcome it.  How do I stop talking myself out of things, and start talking myself into things?!  Thankfully, I've gotten a lot better at making the pessimist part of my mind shut-up, but I've still got a long way to go!  How do you stop talking yourself out of things?

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  1. glad you are getting out more, the only thing that matters in life is perspective