Friday, September 26, 2014

24 Thoughts I've Had While Packing

I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate packing… with a passion.  Seriously though, I absolutely loath packing for a weekend trip and for the last three days I have been trying to pack for a three month trip.  Let's just say my thoughts have been a bit scattered.

1// "This is easy! I only need to pack half as many things because I'm going to buy all new stuff once I get there!" 

At first, my biggest worry was that I'd blatantly look like an American tourist when I went.  Don't ask me why I was stressed about this.  I had just been accepted and my mind immediately went, "How am I going to fit in over there?"  Obviously, I can't.  There's no point in denying the fact that I will look and sound like an American, and there's really nothing wrong with that.  
There's also really nothing wrong with my thought of buying a bunch of new clothes when I went to England.  That is, however, until I realized the exchange rate absolutely sucked.  Turns out our trusted US Dollar isn't worth much compared to the British Pound Sterling.

2// "Wow, that's a really big suitcase."
Judge me as you wish, I've spent the last few days looking at that massive thing and thinking exactly that.  I mean look at it… (are you looking at it?)  I could hold a lot of crap in that thing!  The only problem is that 'crap' needs to help me survive for three months.  This thought then brought on the next one:

3// "I wonder if I can fit in there."
The answer is yes… Yes I can.

4// "Is the weight worth it?"
It's definitely animal abuse to stuff a dog in a suitcase, but I'm already having some serious separation anxiety with this dog.  She's like 6 inches tall; she won't take up that much room.  I've gone through the same issue with my cat, my Keurig, and my bed.  I'd teleport my entire bedroom if I could.

5// "Alright closet, it's time.  You and me.  Mono y mono."

6// "Why do I have two black cardigans? Am I allowed to take both?"

7// "When did I buy that?" [Tries on] "Hm… I should wear this more often."

8// "Wait… how do I fold my skirts?"

9// "Actually, they take up less space if I crinkle them into a ball."

10// "My mom would kill me if she saw this suitcase."

11// "I can feel her eyes judging me… Okay, time to refold."

12// "Hold the phone… what am I wearing to the airport?!"
This is VERY important.  I've gotta go for comfy and cute.

13// "I think that's everything… Time to zip-up."

14// "That wasn't too bad… wait… Was that pile of socks supposed to go in there?"

15// "Do I really need socks?"

16// "Yea… Yea I do…"

17// "Okay, that should be it!  Now to the car."

18// "Cat! Time to get off!"
19//  "Holy Sweet Tarts!  That's definitely over 50 pounds."

20// "Should I take things out or just act really surprised when they weigh it at the airport?"

21// "If this is actually 50 pounds, I'm never letting anyone pick me up again."

22// "Wait… how do I get this thing down the stairs?"

23// "This is why I need a boyfriend: to lift heavy things."

24// (Suitcase is finally in the car): "I forgot something.  I don't know what it is yet, but I did."

Oh Well :)  I finally got to the point that I couldn't handle the anxiety and just zipped up my suitcase.  If you're wondering about the weight; yes I did go over.  Don't ask how much that co$t.  

Thanks for reading, and I'll be updating you on my travels here soon!  Due to the fire at the Chicago airport, my flight plans have changed a bit.  I'll get there about 12 hours later than I thought, and I have an extra flight.  I've had a trying day so far full of stress, tears, excitement, and apprehension, but I feel that I've handled the day quite well!  Don't worry, there will definitely be a post here soon about my crazy travels :)

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