Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Seventy Seven Days: 21 Before 21

77 days.

March 31st will be the day that I, Lizzy Cox, reach the age of twenty-one.  

I repeat: 77 days, folks.

If you were around last year for the dreaded 'aging day', you'll know that I'm not a big fan of becoming older.  I'm positive there were tears on the upsetting morning I left my teen years behind and became a 'twenty-year-old'.  I can't be the only one who wants to stay young forever, right?
Until I hone the skill to fly (or build a jet pack) I won't be able to hide-away in Neverland with Peter, creating chaos with the lost boys and coming up with puns about Captain Hook.  As the positive person I am, however, I've decided to do what I do best and make the most out of my last SEVENTY SEVEN days before the big 2-1.  What better way than to create a list?

(Okay, Did you really expect anything different?)
1// Find a Summer Internship
I'm in the progress of applying for a summer internship with a PR firm within the Entertainment niche.  With only a year and a half before I graduate, I knew it was time I started to think about a future career.  This also leads me into my second point:

2// Build-up my Brand
I've got myself a blog, a URL, and a basic start to a brand.  I'm still in the decision making process of forming my 'niche', but I know that I like to write about things within the Entertainment industry.  With that in mind, I need to start moving forward in creating a brand for myself on the blog and other social media outlets.

3// Put some learning responsibility on myself
I'm taking all the right classes at my university, but I've got to put some of my own time into it too.  It might seem a bit nerdy, but reading a book that has to do with public relations is only going to help me. 
4// Finish 5 books
Not only is reading fun, but it's also a huge stress reliever for me.  I've always struggled with reading for fun during the semester, but even reading 10 pages a day would be worthwhile.  Also, I made a vow that I'm not allowed to buy any more books until I finish the ones I bought... three months ago.

5// Get a plant and keep it alive
I'm sad to announce that I lost my fish, Fred, about two weeks into my study abroad experience.(Thanks, Mom)  Since I somehow managed to keep the thing alive for almost 4 years, I thought it was about time I take the next step and try to take care of a plant.  Baby steps, folks... Baby steps.

6// Get a hair cut
I keep talking about getting my hair cut but never actually following it up.  I'm hoping if I stick it on this list I'll actually get up the nerve to do it.  Probably not...
7// New Design
At first I thought I wanted to make the investment to a self-hosted Wordpress blog, but after saving the money I needed and really thinking about it, I decided against it.  I'm a broke college student who's still kind of figuring the 'blog world' out.  Along with that, I'll be talking 18 credit hours this semester with a part-time job and a position as Co-Editor of our campus newspaper... I can't take the next step in blog land quite yet, but I can hire a designer to give this place a face-lift!

8// Put money into my savings
I've always been a bit of a bad saver, but I'm planning to take a part of each of my pay checks and put it into my savings.  After spending the last three months abroad, it's time to replenish my account a bit.  

9// Play my ukulele at least once a week
Santa brought me a ukulele for Christmas and I'm feeling exceptionally hipster because of it.  I'm no prodigy at it, but its an easy way to relax.  With a little more practice, I'd say I'm on my way to joining the band for a group of five attractive English (and Irish) men.
10// Stop chewing my finger nails
While abroad, I managed to get one of my fingernails infected because of chewing my nails.  Not only did it hurt, my fingernail is really wonky because of it.  I'd rather wear bandaids on all of my fingers than go through that again.

11// Don't stop believing
The only fear I have that's scarier than spiders is losing the belief that my dreams can come true.  Does anyone else have this worry?  I'd hate to one day give up on my goals and dreams because I didn't see the point any more.  I always want to believe!!

12// Create a care package
I want to surprise someone with a really cool box of goodies.  I always love receiving care packages, so why shouldn't I send one?!  Friends... Keep an eye out ;)

13// Dance every chance I get
On December 31st, 2014 I nearly let the last few minutes of the year go by with me sitting on the couch watching Netflix.  Thanks to a camera, a duct-taped tripod, and a little T-Swift magic, I made the below video as the new year came.  Might seem a bit silly to some, but it was a lot more entertaining to dance on my own than sit on my butt.
(With these great skills, I should really just add 'Join One Direction' to the list)

14// Start a collection of recipes
Obviously I have an extensive recipe board on Pinterest, but I need to start making more of them and printing them into a binder.  One of these days I'll have a thick 'cookbook' with a bunch of yummy recipes that I can actually make myself!

15// Laugh all the time
Look at the joy on our faces!  Why wouldn't I laugh every chance I get?!
16// Do a craft
I think I rewrote this one like six times.  First it was "Start crafting", then it was "Make crafting a hobby", and it then ended where it is now.  Who am I kidding?  I'll be lucky to even get one done within the next three months.

17// Quit being a scaredy cat
After spending three months on my own, I kind of lost my perpetual fear of... everything.  I'm hoping I'll be much better at handing stress and other 'scary' things throughout this semester... Like meeting new people.

18// Stick to sleeping schedule
I'm not talking about giving myself a bedtime, but I do want to make sure I'm sleeping enough.  Most of my problems with anxiety and stress come from not getting enough sleep, and I'm hoping to do a better job of taking care of myself.
19// Watch all of FRIENDS
The genius at Netflix who thought of putting the seasons online should get a raise.  I've reached season three of the amazing TV show and I'm already sad that it will end sometime in the future.  At the rate I'm going, I might just have it all watched by the end of the week.

20// Get a Pen Pal
I'm a HUGE fan of snail mail.  When I was in middle school I had a pen pal for the summer, and I want to start writing to some of the people I met during my semester abroad.  What better way to keep in contact with someone than by writing an ol' fashioned, hand-written letter?

21// Be Silly!
I'm putting the 'something' in 'twenty-something' when I turn 21, so I've gotta make sure I have an amazing last three months as a twenty-year-old!  Life's too short to be boring!
Hope you enjoyed the post!  Let me know when the last time you acted insanely silly!  I want to hear all the juicy details!

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