Monday, June 8, 2015

How to Have a Productive Summer

I don't quite know when this happened, but I'm 100% positive that I stepped into a time machine in August 2012.  It was probably disguised as my freshman dorm room (or a Starbucks), because there is absolutely no way it should be the summer before my senior year of college.  Nope.  I refuse to believe it.

As much as I'd love to ignore all of my adult responsibilities and spend the next three months reading and bothering my parents, I've reached the age where I can't use the phrase "Summer Break".  No, summer is now only a season for this poor ol' soul.  Sure I don't have classes, but I can't waste my days away like I used to.  I actually need to be... productive.

If you're like me at all, then you get into that summer 'mindset' where you want to sleep until noon and watch Netflix all day.  No! Fight against the urge and have a summer that is both fun and successful.  Here are a few tips I came up with to help you (and me) survive the summer blues.

1// Set a Sleeping Schedule
I'm not telling you to do away with sleeping in at all, but try to wake up at a decent time during the week so you can actually get something done before noon.  If you really want, pick a day out of the week where you'll sleep-in and not set an alarm.  My day is usually Saturday, but has moved around a bit over the weeks since I've started working that morning.  Only pick one day a week though, so it doesn't become a bad habit.

2// Get a Job
Since you're not spending thousands on tuition throughout the summer, it might be a good idea to save up a bit of cash for when you do have to pay those loans.  I'm currently working two part-time jobs (about to get a third), all with the hope to save up some moolah for when I head off to grad school next year. The nice things with these jobs is that if something better comes along like an amazing internship or a serious job, I can give my two weeks and leave without feeling like I'm losing a part of me.

3// Volunteer
There are a lot of really great organizations out there that could use the help on a weekly or monthly basis, and you really wouldn't have to put a whole lot of time into it.  Grad schools and employers are going to want to know what you do in your free time, and saying that you watch Netflix and ingest copious amounts of applesauce is not the way to go.

4// Have a Goal
What do you want to accomplish this summer?  Getting a bunch of jobs is great, but if you don't have a goal in mind, the strenuous hours are going to wear you down.  Set a specific amount of money you want to put away into your savings by the end of the summer.  Is there a skill you'd like to improve? Or is there something you've wanted to do for a long time but just didn't have the time?  Creating a goal will be exactly what you need to start that fire of productivity.  Here's a few ideas for you:
-To get a(n) _______ on the GRE.
-To run for _________ minutes per day.
-To get an internship before the fall semester starts.
(Two of these are my goals, one is not. Take your best guess.)

5// Have a Little Fun, too
A productive summer doesn't mean you have to throw out anything labeled as 'fun'.  Plan to have lunch with one of your friends once a week, or pick a weekend to have a road trip.  All of your goals don't have to be hardcore either.  For example; one of my goals is to become the mom of a guinea pig.  Don't worry, you'll find countless pictures on Instagram after the cute guy comes around.  Don't let summer become a chore, folks.

Do you have any tips for a productive summer?  Share them below :)


  1. Great post, I think before I had a permanent job I was definitely one of those students who slept until noon, ate cold pizza and went back to sleep haha! oh times have changed.... x

    1. I worked at my parent's store the summer after my sophomore year and didn't realize how good I had it. I didn't work until 10 every day AND my parents let me write posts while I was working. It's crazy to look back :p

      Thanks for reading AND leaving a comment :)

      xx Lizzy