Wednesday, February 20, 2013

100 Things To Do On A Snow Day

I don't want to get my hopes up, but apparently it's supposed to snow a lot tonight and tomorrow.  A lot of snow means a lot of school closings, and a lot of school closings mean a lot of students with a lot of time.  What should you do with that time?  I made a list of 100 things you can do on a snow day! Enjoy!!!!

1. Drink Hot Chocolate
2. Read a book
3. Do homework
4. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies
5. Do a puzzle
6. Touch your foot to your head
7. Draw a picture
8. Write a short story
9. Eat
10. Paint your nails
11. Wear a cool hat
12. Straighten your hair
13. Curl your hair
14. Do the Cinnamon Challenge
15. Creep someone on Facebook
16. Watch funny cat videos
17. Clean your room
18. Mess it up again
19. Start a blog
20. Call your mom
21. Watch as many Disney movies as you can
22. Dye a strip of your hair
23. Read a magazine
24. Take selfies
25. Catch up on your favorite TV show
26. Balance a spoon on your nose
27. Have a heart-to-gill talk with your pet fish
28. Sing
29. Dance
30. Curl up in a blanket
31. Get ahead in your classes
32. Go outside
33. Exercise in your room
34. Make a flip book
35. Write a poem
36. Do a Vlog! (Video blog)
37. Skype your best friend
38. Creep on your favorite boyband
39. Prank your roommate
40. Play a board game
41. Create your plan for total world domination
42. Think about your future
43. Do a devotion
44. Play the silent game
45. Make a list of 100 things to do on a snow day
46. Don't go to class
47. Sleep
48. Practice ventriloquism
49. Wear footie PJ's all day
50. Build a blanket fort
51. Write a letter
52. Color
53. Hold a fashion show
54. Beef up your resume
55. Listen to One Direction (All Day, All Night)
56. Become a Sudoku Master
57. Google your name and see what happens
58. Take pictures
59. Learn HTML
60. Do yoga
61. Read my past blog posts :)
62. Make paper dolls
63. Write a song
64. Wear bright red lipstick
65. Wipe it off
66. Go outside, make a snowball, and put it in your freezer
67. Share the love of Christ
68. Brush your teeth
69. Take a picture with every Instagram filter
70. Wear colorful pants
71. Start a business
72. Learn sign language
73. Make a bucket list
74. Plan your spring break
75. Learn to knit
76. Create a treasure map
77. Make a time capsule
78. Try to throw and catch jelly beans in your mouth
79. Pig-out on chocolate
80. Tweet something inspirational
81. Find out how many licks it takes to get to the middle of a Tootsie Pop
82. Challenge everyone on your floor to an arm-wrestling match
83. Get a tattoo
84. Start a scrapbook
85. Text someone, "Have a Good Day!" just for the heck of it
86. Contemplate what truly is Victoria's secret
87. Make a profile on E-Harmony
88. Do a Pinterest project
89. Create a vision board
90. Reorganize your desk
91. Throw an orange at someone
92. Putt a golf ball into a cup
93. Learn how to palm read
94. Perfect your British accent
95. Keep up with the Kardashians
96. Make silly faces
97. Create a Club Penguin account
98. Watch Jeff Dunham
99. Learn the cup trick
100. Click follow on the right :)

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