Friday, March 22, 2013

Just a Bruised Ego...

          My ski trip is over, BUT I got to officially cross-off 'skiing' from my bucket list!  Talk about awesome!  I know I said that I would update the second day of my trip, but skiing is exhausting work.  My body is not used to being put through that kind of abuse!  I fell on my butt, my back, my hip, my knee, my head, and MY FACE.  My neck still hurts from the serious whiplash I threw at it, and I twisted my knee in places it shouldn't.  Not only that, one time a first-aid worker came by and made sure I was okay.  It would have been fine, but I got the wind knocked out of me so breathing and talking wasn't really happening.  I just kind of awkwardly waved my arms around in the hopes that he would get the message.
          Even though I fell at least 100 times, I wouldn't trade that trip for anything.  I had so much fun hanging and relaxing with Leah.  I can't wait until next year when we hope to invite more people on our trip!  Here's some pictures of our time there:

(This is the weather during I first day of skiing.  It was very windy, and it didn't help that it was also snowing)

(Might not of been a good day for skiing, but the mountains still look pretty!)

(The second day was PERFECT weather for skiing)

(Since our hotel's restaurant wasn't open, we ate at a small cafĂ© down the road.  This was on their mugs!)

(The second day was too beautiful not to get a bunch of pictures.)

(I have awesome ski form)

        Thanks for reading about my awesome journey!  I'll hopefully be updating soon! Byeeee :)

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