Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tumbleweeds, Wind Farms, and Sore Funny Bones

         After a long day of driving that consisted of 50 mph winds, tumbleweeds, U-turns, and crazy semi's; we have finally arrived at our hotel in Wyoming.  Who knew that so much could happen during a 7-hour drive across Nebraska?!  Not only was our drive a bit scary, what happened inside the car was quite interesting!  We started the drive with a little 'spontaneous karaoke' and small talk, but after awhile my boredom was starting to leak in.  Long car rides and I don't get along very well.  Along with that, Nebraska doesn't have 'gorgeous' scenery to keep me entertained.  Sure, running over tumbleweeds is pretty funny the first few times, but after you reach double-digits, it starts to lose its humor.  Thanks to Leah's creative mind, we started to play the license plate game.  We found 33 different State license plates, and it did the job of keeping me awake.  While Leah was busy tackling the 50+ mph winds; I kept a close eye on every truck we passed and played Guess! on her Ipad.

(1st Stop: Gas)

(The wind caused it to be a little 'dusty')

          For supper, we stopped in Wyoming's capital: Cheyenne.  Can I just say... that Cheyenne is the saddest excuse for a state capital.  I think the only highlight I saw was the Papa John's down-the-street from the Arby's we were eating at.  I don't have anything against the place or the people who live there, but I can guarantee that I probably won't ever live there.

(Crossing into Wyoming!)

(Good ol' Cheyenne)

(Wind Farm)
        As we got closer to our final destination, we came to realize that the amount of gas we had in the tank was not going to get us all the way to our hotel.  We even had to pass by an apparent "Point of Interest", because we were scared we wouldn't make it.  No worries though, we plan to stop on the way home and get to the bottom of why that point was so interesting!  By the time we found a gas station, our foreheads were wet with stress-sweat, our hearts were racing, and my funny bone was a bit sore after elbowing the arm rest in a 'Freak-out Session'.

(Don't know what's so interesting about a tree, but we will find out!)

(I don't think we were gonna make it another 30 miles)

        As for our hotel room, we have two BIG beds, a refrigerator, and a working bathroom.  What more could you ask for?  Let's not forget the wi-fi, too.  My only concern is their late-night check-in methods.  Leah and I found our room key in an envelope taped to the backdoor.  We got our key and even had some stranger help us with our bags, but for some reason I don't think their system was very 'theft-proof'.  Along with that, it seems that their walls are a little thin.  Our neighbor's cough has Leah almost going next door and offering them Hall's.

        Well, I'm exhausted and ready for bed.  Check back tomorrow to hear about my first ever experience with Skiing!

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