Thursday, April 11, 2013

#1 Fan of YOU

               Isn't it crazy how there’s around 7 billion people on this planet, but it can feel like we're totally alone?  Like we're the only one who feels the way we do, or believes in our dreams?  It's crazy!!  At Wesleyan, I encounter over a hundred people every day, but that doesn't stop me from being consumed by the overbearing feeling of loneliness that can strike at any time.  This goes to show that loneliness isn't purely a physical state, but instead an emotional/mental state.  I’ve come to realize that this is primarily caused by whom you have as friends.  Many people believe that the more friends you have; the less lonely you will feel.  That’s not necessarily the case, however.  It’s not about quantity; but instead, quality.  Having a large group of friends is great, but if you don't have any supportive, close relationships then you might as will be by yourself.  What you need is a fan club!

                According to, a fan is “A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art or entertainment form, or famous person.”  Obviously not everyone is famous, but I feel like the concept of having fans is still a good idea.  Look at any celebrity right now:  They have MILLIONS of fans that send them support and love every day.  The fans are their motivation, and without them the celebrity wouldn't have a career.  That’s what you should look for when creating your fan club: people who support you and motivate you to follow your dream.  Never let someone into your fan club who thinks your dreams and goals are ‘stupid’ or ‘unrealistic’.  I’d like to call these people 'dream suckers'.  They prey on innocent dreamers’ positivity and are always on the prowl for new dreams to crush.

                A lot of celebrities send a ‘newsletter’ to their fan club to keep them up-to-date on their lives.  I encourage you to do that with your fan club!!!  Keep them updated on how your journey is going or if your dreams have changed!  They're in your fan club for a reason: THEY CARE!  Don’t leave them out of the loop.  You may think you can do it on your own and you may be right, but it will be a lot more fun and enjoyable with the help of your supportive fans.

                Last, but not least; be a fan to your fan club.  They're being nice enough to support you in your endeavors, so you should return the favor.  As a blogger, I love it when people comment on my writing and my website.  I put a lot of pride into Lizzy’s Luggage, and I want people to appreciate the work I've done.  Everyone has something that they put pride in, and they want it to be noticed too.  I can't expect people to support me if I just ignore them.  Even if the person has the CRAZIEST dream ever: DON’T SHOOT THEIR DREAM DOWN, because they've probably had bunches of people do it before.  Be different and support them in everything they do, and they'll probably do the same for you.  Crushing someone's dream is probably the worst thing you could ever do and will earn you the title of 'dream sucker'.  

                 No matter how hard you try, it's impossible not to feel lonely at times.  I'd encourage you to find a way to remind yourself that you're not alone on a daily basis.  I am ALWAYS on my laptop either writing or watching Youtube videos, and I decided to put a little reminder for myself of my fan club.  I wrote down the initials of everyone in my fanclub and used them as the border to my favorite bible verse.  As you can see, I have a little bit of blank space for additions.  Always keep space open for more people, because you never know who may come down the road.  Let me know down below how you're going to remember your fan club!  I'd love to hear it, and if you're ever feeling lonely know that you've got your #1 Fan right here whenever you need me! :)

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