Thursday, April 4, 2013

Time for Something New

          I recently took a risk and auditioned for the You Generation Presenter.  The competition was started by Simon Cowell (my idol), and it is based through YouTube   Basically, it is a year-long talent competition that expands past the normal singing or dancing.  Some of the categories include; Style Gurus, Viral Videos, and Performing Pets.  You can see the full list here.  I'm happy to say that I auditioned for the first competition which was the Presenter audition.  I had to upload a video on YouTube telling about myself, but also falling a few weird rules. #1: I must feature a dinosaur of some kind, and #2: I must say the word disco. Since it was my first video like that, it's very 'amateur', but I had fun while doing it.

(For some reason I can't get the Youtube Video to show-up here.  So basically, click on the large AUDITION after the parenthesis and you'll be taken to my video!)

          After doing the video, I kept going back and thinking about how much fun it was.  My creative brain started coming up with more and more ideas for future videos.  I've decided to take my hand in Video Blogging (Vlogging).  Since I've always been a big 'gossip-blog' reader, I want to primarily focus on the celebrity community.  I will still post on my blog, but this will mostly be used for my college experiences and updates to keep track of where I started.  If you want to subscribe you can do that here.  I understand that the information I will be talking about won't interest some of you, and if that's the case then don't feel obligated to sit yourself through that torture.  Your support and prayers would be greatly appreciated as I give a try at this new 'hobby', and I can't wait to get started and improve my communication skills.

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