Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Voice Recap

          Let's get something straight: I love The Voice.  To further explain my love: here are a few quick things I like most about it:

1.  Adam Levine
2.  You don't have to endure bad auditions and the awkwardness that ensues.
3.  Usher
4.  The artists are judged on their voice and not their looks.
5.  Carson Daly
6.  The judges will say ANYTHING to get the artists to join their team.

For example:
I realize this is bad quality, but you get the picture...

          Obviously, there are a lot of other things I love about The Voice, but it would take days to list everything.  I feel that this competition is the most able to find singers based on their voice and not their looks.  I will always and forever be obsessed with The X-Factor, but The Voice's concept makes for a very good show. 

          Along with that; since I'd like to pursue a career in hosting or broadcasting; my life goal is to one day BE Carson Daly.  I want to be the host in a talent competition, and I think that job would be awesome.  Personally, I'd be happy to take Carson's job if he wants to retire early, but if that doesn't work out; we can co-host.  I mean, who wouldn't want to stand next to that sexy piece of human?  (I pray to God, Carson doesn't read my blog)

          Anyway, moving on: I have recently fell in love with watching The Voice, but also watching YouTube videos of people who do covers on songs.  I love looking at how people change the songs to fit their style, and I'm always searching for new voices to follow.  One of my favorite things to do is share my findings to my friends and see if they agree with me. 

          Since I'm currently hung-up on The Voice, I am going to share the people who I felt had AMAZING, break-out performances.  Just because these people are on the list does not mean the other people did bad, but I feel like these three are coming back next week with no question.  "Honorable Mentions" go out to Danielle Bradbery and The Swon Brothers.

#3: Sasha Allen with "Next To Me"

          All of Sasha's performances have been amazing, but last night her coach, Shakira, had her sing a song that was a little different than her normal.  It was an awesome fit for her voice, and a great decision by Shakira.  Another thing I realized was Sasha looked really HAPPY on stage.  It's always a good thing if a performer looks like they are enjoying themselves, and Sasha's smile gave that away.  To top it all off, her outfit was killer.

#2:  Michelle Chamuel with "Just Give Me A Reason"

          When I first 'met' Michelle, I can honestly say that I wasn't a huge fan.  HOWEVER, ever since the start of the live shows; Michelle has done amazing.  At the end of the season, I plan to do a recap on some of my favorite performances, and I can promise that she will have a lot of entries in that.

          This performance specifically: She did amazing.  One thing I always like about Michelle's performances is that she never has a lot of 'excess' on stage.  Honestly, if you look in the video; she doesn't have anything else on stage with her.  NOTHING!  Not a lot of people can rock an empty stage.

#1: Sarah Simmons with "Momma Knows Best"

          I liked her ever since the Blind Auditions, but tonight she ROCKED IT!  She really needed to have a BIG moment, and I feel that she really did it last night.  One thing I like about this show is that it always brings out and appreciates artists who have unique and different voices.  I feel that Sarah falls under this category with such a one-of-a-kind voice, and I'm really glad that she had her breakout moment.  I hope she continues to run with it and stays in the competition.

          My prediction to who will be sent home is Josiah Hawley and Kris Thomas.  It gets harder and harder to predict who will stay and who will go as the season moves on, because you seriously become attached to everyone in the competition.  I LOVE Josiah and Kris, but I don't believe that either of them hold the capability to win against the stronger female voices.

          If you agree or disagree: let me know!  I want to hear your predictions, because at the moment I only 'swap notes' with my mother.  Don't get me wrong, it's amazing, but I'd love to EXPAND my reaches past my blood relatives.

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