Monday, May 27, 2013

Walmart Haul

       Walmart.  The largest shopping chain in the United States, and maybe even the world.  Let's get something straight: I Love Walmart.  Actually, I like almost every large department store, because I'm what you would call an impulse buyer.  Since Walmart has almost EVERYTHING!  I'm basically in heaven among the cheap products.

          Walmart is my go-to place for make-up purchases.  Since I'm a poor college student, I don't like to spend a lot of money on something like make-up.  I've never actually been huge into make-up until recently when I started reading more beauty blogs and watching beauty vlogs on YouTube like Sprinkle of Glitter, Zoella, and Tanya Burr (Thanks for the amazing advice girls!).  I'm happy to say I now know how to put make-up on properly!  I was never really taught because my mom doesn't wear make-up and I don't have an older sister. It's not like I didn't know ANYTHING, but I now understand a little more about the different products you can use.  To make a long story short: I've kind of become obsessed with the whole make-up and beauty thing.  My 'get ready' time has increased, but I found a new hobby! :)  So let's get to my haul.

Physician's Formula Warm Nude Eye-shadow (Not Recommended)
I got this eye-shadow palette with the hope that I could use the browns for shading.  Out of everything I bought during this trip, this has to be my least favorite.  I've used the darker browns a couple of times, but the powder is so packed that it won't pick-up onto my brush.  I end up having to spend a lot of time reapplying to try and get any significant color.  I wouldn't recommend this unless you like to use your finger to apply.

Covergirl Smoothers Concealer (Recommended)
I never really used a lot of concealer because I always just relied on my foundation.  I'm glad I bought some though, because it does a great job of covering blemishes and imperfections on my face that foundation isn't thick enough to cover.  I don't think I've ever used a Covergirl product that I didn't like, and this product has become a permanent member of my basic collection.

Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzing Powder (Recommended)
This is the first summer I started wearing bronzer.  I always thought that it would make my face look really fake; but, now that I'm educated, I know that's not always the case.  I spent a long time in the make-up aisle comparing different powders because I wasn't for sure on a color that would work with my skin.  I hate trying new products, because you basically have to take a chance with the color and hope it works.  I was worried that I would pick a color that was too dark, but I was also worried that I would pick a color that was too light and do no good.  After a lot of weighing, I finally went with this product, and I'm happy that I did.  It gives my face a wonderful glow without having an overbearing presence.  If you don't use harsh contouring like me, I would definitely recommend this light product.

Ecotools' Brushes (Recommended)
Before buying these, I never used brushes to apply my make-up.  Yup, I was a finger applier.  Little did I know that by buying these brushes, my make-up would look a lot more smooth and natural.  These tools were slightly more expensive than most brushes, but I decided to splurge a little bit with the hope that they last a little longer than the cheaper ones.  Out of everything I bought, this was the smartest purchase I made.  I love these brushes, and they make my mornings a lot cleaner.  As you can see; I got a good variety of brushes for my basic products.  If I could add one more brush, it would be an eye-shadow shading brush.  A brush for shading is usually more rounded and Ecotools didn't have any for sale (I ended up buying a separate one from a different manufacturer later).  Other than that, I don't understand how I ever survived without these, and I would definitely recommend them!

          What kinds of products do you recommend I try?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Ecotools brushes are some of my FAVORITE brushes ever! I pick those over the fancy ones I can get from Bare Minerals or other brands. And they're really easy to clean, too!

    1. I think I've fallen in love with them! :)