Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You Found What?

          As you've learned in my previous posts; I love Walmart.  Not just because of the cheap products or the 'amazing' staff (sarcasm).  No, I love it because of the fact I can find almost everything inside that building.  The closest Walmart to my hometown is in a town 30 minutes away.  Today I drove there to see Iron Man 3 with my friend Taylor (FYI: really good movie).  After the movie we hit-up Dairy Queen for a quick lunch and got ready to head home.  That idea was quickly out when my dad called to say that a storm was making its way through my hometown.  I'm not just talking rain; I think the final count was about 8 different tornadoes that had touched down (don't take my word for that number).  Taking my dad's advice; we entertained ourselves in Walmart for about a half an hour so the storm could pass.  As we aimlessly walked through the store, we got a glimpse of some of the crazy things you could find in Walmart.  I also became conscious of this earlier in the week when I went to the store with my other friend Keli.  We didn't get to spend a whole lot of time looking around, but we did find a few things worth sharing.

          Does everyone remember those creepy Ferbie things?  They were supposed to be cute and cuddly, but the only C-Word that comes to my mind is CREEPY.  I didn't even think they made them anymore; however, we found this shirt in the little girls' section.

          Whoever made this toy didn't know a lot about scaling.  Is it just me or is that the largest carrot you have ever seen?  Her arms are so skinny, it makes it hard to believe that she is easily lifting a carrot the size of her leg.

Do Avenger Crocs even need an explanation?  

This is Taylor and I with some gorgeous hats we were considering to buy.

Nothing weird here.

 Or Here.

           This.  Can we just take a moment and analyze someone's thinking here?  Some obsessed Directioner found the need to smear her lipstick-covered DNA all over this Harry Styles doll.  I love One Direction, but I feel like this is the line between obsessed and creepy-ass.  And what's more: she didn't even buy it.  She just left it sitting on the shelf thinking that someone would want the dirty-germ-covered doll.  First: what mental process did you go through before doing this? Second: If you took the time to 'kiss' the box, why didn't you just buy the doll so you could 'kiss' the actual thing?

          Next time you're in Walmart; take notice to the products around you.  If you wonder, "Why would anyone buy this?"; it would fit on this list.  What are some weird things you've found while shopping?  Let me know in the comments!