Monday, June 10, 2013

5 for 5: Bad Week

Before you judge me on my poor performance; I can honestly say that this was a bad week.  For some reason I had the exact same nightmare every night this entire week, and even thought I was sleeping; I didn't feel rested.  I don't know what caused this weird spout of nightmares, but I'm happy to say it is over!  My mom's also back in town which will make everything at the store much easier.  

1.  Try a New Recipe: Again... Fail
2.  Finish Editing and Upload My Video: WORKING ON IT RIGHT NOW
3.  Write: YES! And this actually made me feel much better after the awful week I had
4.  Finish the Embroidery on ALL of the hats Mom Left Me: Only one more order left.
5.  Run or Walk Everyday: I walked last night.... that's it... For the record though: I haven't shaved me legs in about 2 weeks... No one needs the horror of that...

After that awful week, I'm ready for a 5/5 this next week!

1.  Try a New Recipe
2.  Finish Editing and Upload My Video (plus film another one)
3.  Write at least an hour a day: Need this to help with stress.
4.  Read at least an hour a day: Again, stress reliever
5.  Take a Walk Everyday: I finally shaved me legs to I don't have any excuses!

Wish me luck, and I'll see you all tomorrow for another recap of The Voice!

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