Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Voice recap

          Remember last week when I said that everyone needed to step-it-up for the Top 6?  Yea... well... THEY DID!  Last night's show was amazing, and exactly what I was looking for in the Top 6.  Everyone had solid, strong performances; but, like usual, I have my top 3 favorite performers of the night! Who made the list? Let's look and see...

#3: Danielle Bradbery

          Since there are only 6 performers, each artist sang 2 songs: one chosen by themselves and one chosen by their coach.  Blake chose Pam Tillis' "Shake the Sugar Tree" for Danielle.

          This was a classic Danielle performance: smooth and enjoyable.  While looking through comments on YouTube, it became obvious that people wanted something different from Danielle.  I do have to agree, her performance are becoming slightly predictable; HOWEVER, I don't see why she needs to do something different.  The fact that all of her songs are country basically reiterates that she is Country.  Her ideal genre is country.  Yes, I completely agree that she could probably cross-over to pop, but do you know what? We already have a popular, blonde-haired, country-pop singer.  Personally, I think Taylor Swift is best in solely country, and I think Danielle has the perfect voice for the cross-over; however, that opinion is beside the point.  

          Danielle's second performance was "A Little Bit Stronger".

          For the people who wanted more: here it is.  We've never heard those notes yet during the competition, and she hit them spot on.  This is my favorite performance by Danielle so far.  Next week, I'm hoping for more emotion and bigger performances.  Even though this is called The Voice, the ideal champion will be able to give amazing performances with equally amazing vocals.  

#2: Michelle Chamuel

          My top 2 performers were so close; it was almost impossible to chose who was in the top spot.  Michelle Chamuel first sang "Somewhere Only We Know".

          It was awesome to see the normal Michelle performance.  She rocked an empty stage with amazing vocals and riveting emotions.  The connection between Usher and Michelle makes for a competitive team that I think will continue to surprise us till the end and even past.

          Michelle's second song was "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift.

          Personally, this song hasn't always been a favorite.  I don't like Taylor's studio version because I feel it lacks emotion; however, if you go here, you'll find Taylor performing the song at the Brit's and you can feel the emotion much more in this version.  Michelle was anything short of emotion last night with this song.  To be completely honest: this is currently my favorite performance in the entire history of The Voice.  You could barely hear the judges' comments  due to the applause in the room.  Absolutely amazing and flawless.  I'm happy to say I am joining the Michelle Chamuel Army of Supporters :)

#1: Sasha Allen

          Since Michelle and Sasha were so head-to-head last night, the gap between first and second is basically non-existent.  The reason I gave Sasha first was because she has gone through this competition as an underdog.  She started on Adam's team; however, he chose Amber over her in the Battle rounds.  Thankfully, Shakira quickly stole her, and I don't think Sasha could have a better coach.  Shakira is so invested into Sasha, that she is making leaps and bounds in her performances.  Her first performance was "Ain't No Other Way".

          Not much I can say about this normal, powerful Sasha performance.  It was clean and fierce: a wonderful start to her performances for the night.  This is where I think Usher and Shakira did well as coaches.  Both of their performers gave a predictable but strong performance, and then absolutely wowed everyone with their second performance.  Sasha took a huge leap by performing "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood.

          If this video went on any longer, all you would hear is the audience FREAKING out.  While watching this performance, I actually forgot she was even a contestant!  Not only did she give an amazing performance, she paired it with perfect vocals.  I don't feel anything but proud of Sasha for her recent performances.  She has gone from the underdog, to one of the front-runners of the competition.  As first time coaches, Usher and Shakira are giving the 'veterans' a run for their money.  Watch out Adam and Blake, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the newbies had the champion this year.

My prediction for who will be going home tonight:
          Like you saw last week: I was completely wrong about who was going home.  This week, after the amazing performances, I'm expecting to be shocked again.  If I had to make a prediction, I'm going to go with The Swon Brothers.  I've said this almost every week; this year is going to the female artists.  Do I think The Swon Brothers deserve to go home? Absolutely not.  I just don't believe they have what it takes to win this.  Had they better make an album regardless if they win or lose? You got that right.


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