Monday, June 3, 2013

5 FOR 5

It's MONDAY! That means it's time for my link-up with Jenn and Jessica today!  

1.  Write 5 Reviews for Influenster: Got it!

2.  Go For A Walk Everyday:  Didn't even go on one walk.... Fail.

3.  Update YouTube Vlog:  I recorded my vlog; however, I am still in the process of editing the video.

4.  Try a New Recipe: Again, FAIL.

5.  Finish My Book and Write a Review: NOPE

1.5/5.... Not my best, but this last week has been slightly busy.  I think this next week will be a little more productive!

1.  Try a New Recipe: This. Will. Happen.
2.  Finish Editing and Upload My Video
3.  Write: I'm not going to put a set time, because even if I sit down and convert my notebook chicken-scratches to my computer; it'll be a positive.
4.  Finish the Embroidery on ALL of the hats Mom Left Me: you won't really understand this one, but my mom left a bunch of hats that needed to be embroidered while she was gone.  I want to get them all done before she comes back!
5.  Run or Walk Everyday: I've decided on a new motto for working out: I'll never know when I need to pick up my shit and run, so I better be ready.  

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