Tuesday, August 13, 2013

If I Went to the TCA's...

          I've recently made a lot of lists on this blog, and guess what: I'm making another one.  I don't know why my 'writing' brain has been attached to lists lately, but every idea I come-up with works best in list-form and who am I to mess with fate?

         Today's list has to do (as you can see by the title) with the Teen Choice Awards.  I'm a huge fan of any and all awards' shows, and this one is no exception.  I've always been fascinated with analyzing everyone's looks on the red carpet, hearing the more-than-often improv acceptance speeches, and watching the amazing performances made by some of my favorite artists.  As I watched the show play out this year, I started thinking about what it would be like to actually be there.  Honestly, I'm pretty sure I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven.  Something like interviewing on the Red Carpet or even just being there is perfect dream material.

          Since I'm in the 'dreaming' mood, I've decided to make a list of things I THINK I'd do at the Teen Choice Awards.  Whether I'm interviewing, presenting, hosting, or just sitting in the audience; I'm sure the experience would be priceless.

1// I'd tell everyone they look GORGEOUS:  Let's get one thing straight: everyone likes to be told that they look good.  It's a fact of life!  Like the awesome person I am, I won't hesitate to tell EVERYONE that they look amazing!  One thing I hate most about award shows is the best/worst dressed lists that sprout-up afterwards.  It's kind of like prom: every girl (and guy) picked-out the formal outfit that best fit them.  Everyone has unique tastes and likes, so I don't think anyone should be judged on their outfit. Especially if they show-up in a onesie... That's just awesome...

2// I'd photobomb as many pictures as possible:  This is in the only way I would EVER get pictures with some of those amazing people.  Can you imagine how many people want a picture with One Direction?  Obviously my only chance to be seen with these sexy five humans is to do it with my sexy ninja skills.

3// I'd try to get on camera and say 'Hi Mom': First of all, I'm pretty sure my mom would disown me if I even went without her, but on the off-chance I'm flying solo: I HAVE to give her credit somehow!  Second, who doesn't dream of pulling this cliche TV moment off?

4//  I'd dance, but with a conscious knowledge that there are cameras around:  I've learned from others' mistakes, and I'm not going to chance becoming a YouTube phenomenon that way.

5// I'd tweet the heck out of it: Want to know when Ed Sheeran leaves for the bathroom? I've got you covered!

6// I'd blog the heck out of it: I'd be one of those crazy recap people with a post that covers each hour.

7// I would NOT fangirl:  Let it be known that I do have self-control when it comes to seeing people I'm in love with.  Let it also be known that I have yet to meet anyone I'm a hard-core fangirl of, but I have confidence in myself.

8// I'd take a silly picture with EVERY celebrity I meet: Serious pictures aren't memorable.  I want to be able to look back and laugh.  I've come to find that my favorite pictures from events like prom or graduation are in fact the super silly ones.  Also, I'm sure most of the celebrities might have a case of the nerves, so I'll be giving them a chance to 'let loose'. 

Like I said HERE; future model.
9// I wouldn't stop smiling for like 5 years afterwards:  To be completely honest, I've been mesmerized by award shows since I could first understand the concept of them.  If I were to ever actually get to attend one, I'd probably die of pure happiness.

Are you as obsessed with these award shows as I am?!  Let me know down below what you think YOU would do if you ever got the chance to attend one!  Can't wait to read your responses!


  1. Someone is looking fabulous all dressed up. Love the dresses. :D

    Was that Taylor's man beside her b/c if so I'm afraid he may not go anywhere else with her. She gets into it tho dont she.


    1. I don't know, but he definitely looks kind of embarrassed! I would be too though!

      xoxo, Lizzy

  2. Lizzy, you're adorable. I think you're a pro photobomber!